Minnesota Green Step City Program

Septic System Best Practices Coon Rapids, MNThe city of Coon Rapids, Minnesota is taking part in the GreenStep Cities Program that encourages sustainability and energy reduction. Part of this voluntary program focuses on Septic Systems which are also referred to as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems. The goal is to identify and address failing systems as a way to protect public health, improve economic development and reduce the environmental impacts. Periodic Septic Inspections are used as a tool to recognize septic systems that are becoming a threat. Septic Compliance Inspections that can be provided by CSI Custom Septic, Inc. are required when a property is being sold.

When a Septic System Fails

When a Septic System Fails it can have a big impact on the neighborhood and community. There is pretty much a direct correlation between a sewage system malfunction and contamination of both ground waters and surface water. Untreated Sewage can seep onto the land and into the Drinking Water Supply making people sick, if Septic Repairs and cleanup efforts are not handled as a top priority. Early detection for Failing Individual Wastewater Treatment Systems is a great way to combat the problem head on.


Septic System Best Practices

Once a Failing Septic System has been identified it is in the best interest of the city to help septic owners to implement Septic System Best Practices. This may be provided through access to Financial Aid Programs for Septic System Upgrades or other forms of assistance. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has partnered with many cities including Coon Rapids, with environmentally safe septic systems management programs.

  1. Improve septic systems by encouraging septic owners to keep systems in good working order. Provide information and education for residential, industrial and commercial septic owners.


  1. Septic System Inspection Requirements to detect problems as early as possible. Landowners can be notified if their septic system is showing signs of failure or noncompliance with current regulations. Identify which properties should be connected to the city sewer system.


  1. Information on Financial Assistance Programs available to upgrade septic systems that are at risk for failure.


  1. Required Septic Compliance Inspections whenever a property is being purchased or transferred to a new owner.


  1. Look at innovative ways for companies to reduce wastewater usage and pretreat water before it ends up inside the septic system.


  1. Work with owners of septic systems located in environmentally sensitive areas to find the best type of system for that property and promote innovative solutions.


MPCA Certified Septic Compliance Inspector

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a very respected Septic Services Provider for the Coon Rapids, Minnesota area. With an experienced MPCA Certified Septic Compliance Inspector on staff, we can assist with Septic Compliance Inspections that are required by the city for property sales or when a Septic System Failure is suspected. Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Systems can often be Repaired or Upgraded with assistance from the Minnesota GreenStep Cities Program.

In Coon Rapids, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a Septic Compliance Inspection. At: 763-218-4769