Conventional Gravity Fed Septic System

Gravity Flow Sewage Treatment Ramsey MNRamsey MN homes could have any one of a number of different On-site Sewage System Installed. Soil and water conditions help to determine the best type of Septic System Design is right for an individual property. The Conventional Gravity Flow Septic System is still one of the most common kind around. Your CSI Custom Septic, Inc. MPCA Certified Septic Designer and Installer can provide an evaluation to find out if a this traditional gravity fed system right for your home.


Gravity Flow Sewage Treatment

Your typical Gravity Distribution Sewage Treatment System has three main parts. It consists of an underground Septic Tank, a Drainfield and the Soil Treatment Area underneath the drainage field. At least three feet of permeable soil must be present in order for a gravity fed system to be the appropriate choice.


How Does Gravity Flow Septic System Work?

Just as you might suspect, a Gravity Flow Septic System relies on gravity to carry wastewater from the house to the septic tank.

  1. Wastewater and sewage flow through an inlet baffle and into the underground Septic Tank.
  2. Bacteria inside of the septic tank begin the organic treatment process by eating harmful pathogens.
  3. Solids sink to the bottom of the septic tank and form a Sludge Layer
  4. Grease, oils and light material float to the top of the septic tank where a Scum Layer is formed.
  5. Liquids form an Effluent Layer in the middle of the septic tank where it is allowed to flow out through an outlet baffle.
  6. An Outlet Baffle Filter provides a good barrier to keep solids from traveling out and possibly clogging up the outlet baffle.
  7. A Distribution Box is typically used to distribute the liquid waste into pipes located in the drainfield.
  8. The Drainfield contains pipes with small holes where liquids can drain into a gravel trench.
  9. Partially treated wastewater seeps into the Soil Treatment Area for the final stage of treatment before reaching groundwater.
  10. Oxygen loving Bacteria living in the soil, remove harmful pathogens.


MPCA Certified Septic Design & Installation

With the right Septic System Design, proper Installation and regular Maintenance, a Gravity Septic System can be very effective. Only an MPCA Certified Septic Designer can provide adequate site analysis and determine if a Conventional Gravity Flow Sewage System is best suited for your home. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is happy to speak with you about efficient septic system options for your Ramsey MN property.

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