Manhole Covers And Manhole Access Risers

Ham Lake MN Septic Manhole CoverHaving your Septic Tank Pumped on a regular basis is very important for keeping your septic system healthy. Tanks should always be pumped through the manhole cover – not the inspection pipe. Finding a buried manhole cover in your Ham Lake, MN yard can be a bit tricky and costly.

A Septic Professional like Custom Septic, Inc. may have to excavate and dig up your yard to access the manhole cover each time the tank is pumped or a problem has occurred. As you can imagine this can cost you $$$. A smart solution is to install a Manhole Riser to bring the cover up to grade. Risers are available in different materials such as Plastic, Metal or Concrete. With your septic manhole now accessible you will Save Time and Money.


Install A Manhole Extension Riser

New Septic Systems are installed with the manhole cover at grade. Older sewage treatment systems may have the lid buried 1 foot or up to 2 feet underground. Many septic pumping companies will install a manhole access riser and manhole cover as a provided service.

A Manhole Access Riser can be a very good investment for you. Having easy access to the septic tank manhole cover, also known as a maintenance cover, makes tank cleaning easier and more thorough. Accessibility is also important in the case of a problem occurring with the septic tank, filter or attached pipes.

Types Of Manhole Risers

A Septic Tank Access Riser is an extension pipe or rings that sit on top of your existing septic tank. The manhole cover or lid goes back on top and will now rest flush with the ground. You want the riser and manhole to be securely covered and water tight. Manhole Covers and Risers are typically made of Concrete but could be made of Plastic or Metal. Risers come in a variety of sizes to fit your septic tank securely.

  • Plastic Risers
  • Polyethylene
  • Concrete
  • Metal Rings

For those who do not appreciate the look, Artificial Rock covers are readily available through online retailers. Clever Landscaping will also solve any appearance issues.

Brad is a Septic System Expert with more than 17 years of experience. Septic System Maintenance must include regular Inspections and Pumping. Installing a Manhole Access Riser may be a good solution. Easy access to the septic tank manhole cover could save you time and money when having your septic system serviced.

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