Are Your Septic Pipes Clogged with Flushable Wipes?

Flushing Wipes Clogs MN Sewage SystemsA recent Minnesota court case involves the makers of Flushable Wipes and The city of Wyoming, MN. The rural Minnesota community is not alone in their struggles with maintaining Wastewater Treatment Systems that have become clogged with various types of disposable wipes. The manufacturers claim that their flushable tissues will properly break down after flushing. City Public Works employees claim that they spend time and money fixing problems such as Clogged Pipes and Sewage Backups.

As an experienced Septic System Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. does not recommend flushing any type of personal wipe, baby wipe, facial cloth or feminine hygiene product down the toilet. Private Septic System owners who repeatedly flush such items are much likely to need more Frequent Septic Tank Pumping and Repair of a Clogged Wastewater Treatment System.


Flush Septic Safe Toilet Paper Only

It is way to easy for people to use a convenient flushable wipe and simply flush it down the toilet without considering where it goes. Many people treat a septic system as more of a garbage can. The truth is that an individual septic system is a Miniature Wastewater Treatment System in your own backyard. It relies on naturally occurring bacteria to organically break down sewage. Septic Safe Toilet Paper is the only thing other than human waste that you should be flushing down your toilet.


Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Spent

If several municipal wastewater treatment plants are experiencing Clogging Problems from flushable wipes, doesn’t it make sense that your Septic System could be harmed also? Cities say that they are Spending Millions of Taxpayer’s Dollars to remedy the situation. They claim that many man-hours are spent unclogging pipes, filters and screens that have become Plugged Up with Paper Products that are supposed to have passed extensive flushability testing.


Minnesota Septic System Contractor

Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Septic System Inspections and Septic System Repairs. Over the last 19 years as a MN Septic System Contractor we have seen many problems with clogged septic systems where homeowners have flushed things down the toilet. Disposable paper products Do Not belong inside of a Septic Tank. Flushable Wipes take longer to disintegrate than Septic Safe Toilet Paper. As a result Minnesota property owners are spending more money to have septic tanks pumped and systems repaired.

A buildup of flushable tissues, baby wipes, toddler wipes and feminine hygiene products are causing harm to filters, screens and septic pipes. Some Minnesota homeowners are finding sewage backed up into their homes. CSI can help Solve Sewage System Problems before your septic pipes and tank are clogged or you have a sewer backup.

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