Prepare Sewer System Before Floodwaters Rise

How Flood Effects Septic Systems Rockford MNMuch of the Twin Cities Metro area seems to be experiencing the rainy season as of late. Heavy rains can cause rivers to rise and Septic Tanks to Overflow in some cases. Rockford MN has seen its share of flooding over the years. Septic System Owners must be cautious and prepared before and after flood waters rise to the level in which serious damage can occur. Overly saturated soil in the Drain Field can result in a system Slow Down or a Sewage Backup if conditions deteriorate. As an Experienced Septic System Specialist, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides much needed help for individual sewer systems across the Rockford area.


Effects of Heavy Rain on Septic System

We have probably all seen images of roaring rivers and flooded farm fields in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. If it can happen there it could happen here also. The Effects of Very Heavy Rain on Individual Residential Sewer Systems can range from a minor inconvenience to system failure.


  1. Many septic systems rely on a Soil Drainage Field to filter out contaminants before the liquid waste can work its way into the groundwater. Heavy rains can over saturate the soil and render the drainfield temporarily useless as an otherwise efficient sewage treatment process.


  1. Contents in a Flooded Septic Tank can overflow. Agitation inside of the septic tank from an influx of water can make heavy solid materials at the bottom of tank float up to the level of the outlet tee. Solids can wash out into the Sewer Pipes buried under ground and Clog Up the entire system.


  1. Septic Systems require a healthy amount of Bacteria to digest and break down sewage materials. Things that can interrupt the natural bacterial sewage treatment process include strong cleaning products, bleach, antibacterial soaps, drain openers and an overwhelming amount of wastewater. Without this crucial function provided by living bacteria, your septic system can fail to function.


  1. Possible outcomes from a Septic System Malfunction can look like the following conditions:
  • Overflowing Toilet
  • Slow Drainage
  • Foul Smells
  • Back-Up in Sink, Shower or Laundry
  • Gurgling Sounds coming from plumbing fixtures
  • Surface Ponding of Contaminated Waste Water
  • Clogged Drain Field


Preventing Septic System Failure

The best way to Prevent Septic System Failure is to make sure that it is operating at optimal efficiency prior to a flooding event. A septic system specialist like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can assist with cost saving services like regular Septic Inspections for early detection of problems and Maintenance Tips to help keep Minnesota septic systems healthy. Our experts also provide excellent Septic Repair Services when there is a problem due to flooding or other factors.


MN Septic System Specialists

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