Be Prepared for Septic System Flooding

Septic System Flooding Clearwater MNThe month of May was the wettest month on record. June seems to be on course to continue with this trend. Texas and Oklahoma have taken the brunt of the rain but Minnesota has been soaked also. What all this means for Clearwater, MN homeowners with a Private Septic System is that you have to be alert to signs of a Flooded Septic System. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is an expert in the sewage treatment business and offers advise on how you can be better prepared in case of a flooding event.


Sewer Backup From Flooding

The thought of a Flooded Septic System is very disconcerting. The influx of floodwater can cause a Septic Tank to overflow. The Drain Field can be overwhelmed with water and not able to accept wastewater from the septic tank. Eventually you can end up with Sewage Backing Up into your floor drains and toilets can overflow with nowhere for the sewer to go. This becomes a messy and hazardous situation. Sewer contains potentially Disease Causing Bacteria.


What Septic System Owners Can Do Before a Flood

There are things that Clearwater, MN homeowners can to Before a Flooding Event to mitigate damages to the home and septic system.

  • Avoid Compacting Soil above the Drainfield, Mound, Septic Tank and other septic components.
  • Avoid Pumping Out the tank immediately prior to flooding to prevent the tank from rising.
  • Install a Sheet of Poly over household drains that are located below grade. Place a sandbag on top of the poly to prevent sewer from backing up into the home.
  • Cut Back on your usage of water in the home.


What To Do With Septic System During a Flood

During Flooding it is important to avoid causing further stress on the septic system or creating a hazardous situation.

  • Stop Sending Wastewater into the septic system. Do not flush toilets, wash laundry, take a shower or allow water to do down the drain.
  • Disconnect Electrical Circuits to the pump if your septic system has a pump tank. A pump that runs continuously can be an electrical hazard.


What To Do After Septic System Flooding

Once the rain has stopped and Flooding Has Ended, Private Septic System owners should make sure that everything is safe.

  • Make a Visual Inspection of all septic system components including the manhole cover, septic tank, pumps, inspection pipe and even the vegetation planted over the septic tank and drainfield.
  • Inspect the Electrical Components for damage before turning the pump back on.
  • Have the Septic Tank Pumped out as soon as possible.
  • Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for an inspection and for all necessary Septic System Repairs.
  • Repair or replant any damaged Vegetation Cover over the septic tank, mound system and drain field.


Licensed Septic System Professional

Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for expertise with Flooded Septic Systems. We are Licensed Septic System Professional with more than 19 years of experience. Our team can Inspect the septic components for damage from the flood. We can expertly Repair Flood Damaged Septic Systems. Over the years we have earned the respect of Private Septic System Owners in Clearwater, MN and across Northern Minnesota.

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