What if Septic System Flooded?

Flood Damaged Septic Systems | Part 2 Crow Wing County MNIf you read our previous post (part 1) on Protecting Septic Systems from Flood Damage then you already know what steps to take before Sewage System Flooding happens. This blog post will take a closer look at what Crow Wing County MN property owners can do if their Septic System Flooded. These sewer system flooding tips can save you from Disease from Sewage Backed Up and the expense of a major Septic System Failure.

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a MPCA Certified Septic Contractor with more than 20 years of experience with Minnesota Septic Systems. If you have a home or cabin in Breezy Point, Crosby or Pequot Lakes MN then you understand how MN weather can change on a dime. A severe thunderstorm can pop up quickly and leave communities with downed trees or Serious Flooding Damage.


10 Steps to Take After Septic System Flood

During Flooding, it is best to take steps to avoid stressing a septic system any further than it already is. Call Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) if you need assistance with a full Septic System Inspection or Repairs to make it once again work effectively to actively treat sewage waste.

  1. Contact a professional septic contractor like Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) if you have any concerns on the reliability or safety of your sewage system.
  1. Pump out the septic tank as soon as possible after floodwaters receed. The flood may have left harmful materials inside of the septic tank that stunt the biological treatment process.
  2. Keep traffic off of the drainfield to prevent soil compaction that may slow down or damage the soil treatment area.
  1. Inspect electrical components for damage and turn power back on if pumps and switches are okay.
  1. Check manhole cover and inspection pipes to see that they are fastened securely and not blocked.
  1. Look for signs of animal intrusion or damage to the soil treatment area.
  1. Reseed or mulch as needed to ensure good coverage before winter.
  1. Thoroughly clean and disinfect any indoor areas where sewage has backed up into the home. Make sure that disease causing bacteria is completely gone. There is a whole list of illnesses associated with contact with sewer.
  1. After the flood water has receeded and the soil has had a chance to dry out, contact a MN Licensed Septic Professional to see if the drainfield is plugged or otherwise damaged.
  1. If the drainfield is merely soggy and has not completely flooded then restrict water usage in the house until it has a chance to dry.


MPCA Certified Septic Contractor

As a very experienced MPCA Certified Septic Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) has seen just about everything related to Sewage Treatment in Minnesota. We provide our customers with an accurate and honest Inspection of the state of their septic system. This knowledge helps our clients to reach the best decision on ways to improve upon or Repair any issues before a Septic System Failure or Sewage Backup occurs.

In Crow Wing County MN – including Breezy Point, Crosby and Pequot Lakes, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) at: 763-218-4769