Five Ways To Care For Your Septic TankA good number of Minnesotans rely on septic tanks as the means for disposing of wastewater. While public sewer systems are managed and maintained by municipalities, homeowners with septic tanks must be responsible for its care and upkeep if leakage or overflow occur – creating serious health hazards in surrounding communities if their tank leaks or overflows. Though professional septic tank repair services should provide maintenance and inspection, there are certain tasks homeowners can perform themselves to help keep their septic system in good shape. Relying on a professional is always the best option.

Monitor your waste: All waste that enters the garbage disposal or toilet will end up in your septic tank, including flushable wipes, diapers, paper towels and coffee grounds that might make their way down the toilet. Likewise, drain cleaners or cooking grease/oil should never be dumped down your kitchen sink drain or flushed down the toilet. For best results use your garbage can instead for solid food waste collection rather than using the disposal.

Avoid planting trees near a septic tank: Tree roots can wreak havoc with sewer pipes and can do considerable damage to septic tanks as well. They may grow directly into the tank itself over time and cause leakage issues or wrap themselves around pipes to break them; make sure trees remain at a safe distance from your system and have any closer ones removed immediately.

Recognize the signs of septic tank problems: For example, if you detect any faint foul odor or soft spots in your lawn near your septic tank area, something could be leaking; or your toilets/sinks begin backing up frequently with no clear source clogging them – these could all be telltale signs that something needs fixing immediately! As soon as any such signs emerge, call a septic repair company immediately so they can provide guidance as to any further potential problems to look for.

Keep good records: Your records should include an outline of your septic system as well as inspection and maintenance work that has been performed, to allow service companies to quickly detect any unusual problems faster and give future owners of the home an idea of its condition.

Have Your Septic Tank Regularly Inspected And Pumped

Hiring a professional service to regularly inspect and pump out your septic tank is one of the easiest, and best, ways to keep it operating optimally.

Septic tanks don’t have to be an overwhelming hassle. With the five basic maintenance tips outlined here in mind, your septic tank can provide years of reliable service without creating additional headaches for you. But if your septic tank is having issues, it is advisable to contact Custom Septic in Big Lake, MN immediately so the issue can be efficiently remedied.