Funding Assistance for Individual Wastewater Systems

Financial Help for Failing MN Septic SystemsIndividual Wastewater Treatment Systems are used mainly in small towns and rural communities around Minnesota. They are commonly called Septic Systems, Individual Onsite Systems or Decentralized Wastewater Systems. This type of sewage treatment process provides many benefits if properly designed and installed by a MPCA Certified Septic Professional including Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). Because of the nature of an underground septic system they can be expensive to install or repair. Government Grants and Loans can be used in some cases as Funding Assistance for Individual Wastewater Systems in MN.


Finding Financial Help for Failing Septic System

There are several sources for finding Financial Help for Replacing, Repairing or Upgrading Minnesota Septic Systems. The amount of funds available each year varies. However, with the high cost of improving a failing onsite system it may be worth the time and effort to research Grants and Low Interest Loans from federal, state or local sources.


Criteria to Qualify for Government Funding

Each type of Government Grant or Loan Program has its own requirements to qualify for receiving funds. Some funding is available only to low income borrowers. Other programs may be open to anyone in the eligible area. Below are some Basic Guidelines for Minnesota homeowners to qualify for Government Funding Programs:

  • You qualify under financial guidelines
  • You must live in the home that uses the onsite system
  • You cannot get affordable credit from some other source
  • You must live in an eligible location for septic system assistance


Cost of Failing Individual Wastewater Treatment

Considering how much it would cost to Clean Up Contaminated Groundwater, having septic systems working properly is crucial. Contaminated water is a big Health Hazard and danger to the Environment and Economy. The EPA and Minnesota Dept. of Health as well as USDA and U.S. Dept. of Housing all have a vested interest in Keeping MN Waters Clean.


Grants and Low Interest Loans for MN Septic Systems

How you can use the grant or loan money depends on the type of Financial Assistance Program that you apply for. Just as the amount of money available can fluctuate year to year and even month to month. Go to the Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) website for more information on Grants and Low Interest Financing options for MN Septic Systems.


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

Contact a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Certified Septic Professional at Custom Septic Inc. (CSI). We have more than 19 years of experience in the MN Septic Business. CSI provides professional Inspections, Repairs and Replacement for Failing Septic Systems. Look on our website for resources for Financial Help if your individual wastewater treatment system needs upgrading.

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