FAQs About Septic Tank Systems For New Home InstallationsEvery year in the U.S., nearly 1.3 million homes are constructed annually; roughly 2% or 35,000 of those were in Minnesota and approximately 30 percent rely on septic tanks to treat wastewater, leading to approximately 10,500 new home builds that need septic systems for wastewater management – likely including yours! When designing and building new residential systems there are various factors to keep in mind; we have provided this list as some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What Size Septic System Will I Need And What Is The Cost?

To determine the cost and size of a system, many variables need to be considered. These variables include house size, number of bedrooms, occupancy type as well as soil condition – these will all impact costs significantly and the required size for handling workload; also, system size will have an effect.

Does my site require its own evaluation? Site evaluations help determine the soil types on your property and which septic system would best serve them. Most newly built homes already include this step as part of their design process; otherwise, many septic installers offer it as part of their design services.

How can I take care of my septic system? Custom Septic’s maintenance experts receive many questions regarding maintenance. Homeowners need only to avoid placing “wrong things” down their drain and watch out for signs of back-up to keep their system in top shape. Custom Septic offers inspection, maintenance, and repair for your septic system.

What are my other potential options? A traditional septic system may not be necessary if your lot fails the site evaluation test; other solutions, including holding tanks and more elaborate systems requiring special engineering may provide sufficient service.

Septic Installation And Design Services

Septic systems can be tailored specifically to your needs and property layout. Anyone can install a septic system, but Custom Septic’s experts possess the skills and know-how required for installing an effective one in Minnesota. To arrange for an evaluation and consultation call (763) 218 4769 or complete our online form today!