Prepare Your Septic for Falling Temps

Fall Maintenance Tips | Corcoran MN Septic SystemsNow that Labor Day has passed and school is back in session, autumn is just around the corner. As you work to check off items on your Fall Home Maintenance to do list don’t forget a little tlc for your Septic Tank & Drain Field. This is a great time of year to Prepare Your Septic System for Falling Temperatures while the weather is pleasant. Most Winterizing Techniques that keep everything in good working order are not very time consuming or expensive.

Handy Corcoran MN homeowners can perform many of the DIY fall maintenance tasks themselves. However, some Septic Maintenance Procedures are best left to a Licensed Septic Contractor with the equipment, experience and skills to do the job to code compliance. Ask CSI Custom Septic, Inc. about Septic Inspections and Repairs to keep your sewage system running safely all year.


Fall Sewer Maintenance Process

A Reputable Septic Contractor is your best bet for keeping your septic system safe from the harsh Minnesota winters. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has been providing honest Sewage Treatment Services that are critical to the longevity of Corcoran septic tanks and drainfields. Here is a list of Fall Septic Maintenance Tips that can prevent cold weather problems this year.

  • Inspect Septic Tank
    • Look at levels of sludge and scum to see if it should be pumped out and cleaned
    • Check for cracks in the septic tank
    • Make sure that the manhole cover is attached securely
  • Fix Leaky Plumbing Fixtures
    • A slow drip can cause water to build up and freeze inside of the outlet pipe to the septic tank
    • Excess water can overload a septic tank and disrupt the organic treatment process
  • Inspect Drainfield Soil Treatment Area
    • Have your licensed septic professional look for warning signs of drainfield damage that indicate a septic malfunction
  • Maintain Plant Vegetation Over Septic System
    • Low maintenance, native grass can provide insulation from cold temperatures and help to prevent soil erosion
    • Many varieties of flowers can also be used to provide attractive landscaping on and around septic systems
  • Add A Thick Layer of Insulation Over Septic Components
    • Fall leaves, mulch, straw or hay can provide a good layer of insulation against frigid temps
  • Pay Attention To What Goes Down The Drain
    • Prevent clogged pipes by never allowing non-biodegradable items from going into the toilet or drains
    • Limit use of garbage disposal
    • Use a lint filter on the washing machine outlet hose
  • Limit Use Of Chemicals
    • Only use the recommended amount of cleaning products that can kill bacteria inside of the septic tank
    • Never pour chemicals down the drain
    • Don’t use septic tank additives that may harm the septic system


Licensed Septic Services Company

Septic services including Septic Inspections and Repairs are available all year from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. As a Licensed Septic Contractor, CSI is like having a trusted friend in the septic business. We are here to assist in any way that we can so that your family can enjoy the autumn and winter seasons without worry of a sewer problem.

In Corcoran MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a Septic Inspection or Repair Service at 763-218-4769