Experienced Septic System Repair And Installation CompanyMost homeowners know whether they have a septic system or not, but beyond that important point is where knowledge about septic systems ends. This is completely normal and honestly exactly why our company was formed. Custom Septic has been serving the entire Minnesota area for more than twenty years. In that time, we have built a reputation for being responsive to our customers and clear communicators about the issues we find. We provide affordable pricing on septic system repair and installation.

We have seen a lot in our twenty years, and we use that experience to provide you with the best local service in the area. We have two locations (Big Lake ) and we serve customers within 50 miles of each location. This means that we are able to cover the majority of the state. We can quickly assess the issue with your septic system and determine whether a repair is warranted. If you are looking for a professional septic system installation, we can complete that for you as well.

Professional Septic System Repair

Many of our customers ask what the most common signs are that a septic system repair is needed. These signs include slow flushing, backed up toilets or sinks, foul odors coming from your home or even out in your yard. You may also notice that your drain field has become soggy or flooded. A small septic system problem can quickly become serious, costly (and gross!), so if you notice any of these issues, give us a call as soon as possible. We are able to complete many different types of repairs including damaged septic tank covers, damaged piping, cracks or leaks in your septic tank, and blockages to your drain field.

Septic System Installation in Minnesota

Our team of professionals can also complete a septic system installation project. We can take a look at your property and design a system that will work well, while maintaining all state guidelines. We will design and install a high-quality septic system that will ultimately run well and save you money. Our staff can install a new septic system on your property carefully and correctly so that you do not have to worry about future problems. After installation, our team can also complete annual inspections to ensure that it continues to function properly.

Septic system work is best left to professionals. If you live in Minnesota, look no further than Custom Septic for all of your septic system installation, repair and inspection needs. Call us at 763-218-4769 for more information.