Experienced Minnesota Septic System Repair CompanyCustom Septic is the best choice for septic system repairs in Orno, MN, and its surrounding communities. Our staff has built a reputation for knowledge of septic systems and extremely fast response times to customers’ repair needs. There are countless problems that homeowners have to deal with, but very few of them create the sense of urgency that a septic system problem does.

A well-functioning septic system goes unnoticed, and that is the way it should be. A septic system that is not functioning as it was designed to do will make itself known in some very unpleasant ways. That is one of the main reasons why we have worked so hard to make sure our staff responds quickly and completes your septic system’s repair efficiently and correctly the first time. From the onset of the odors that hint that there may be a problem to the obvious problems that leave no question that help is needed, Custom Septic will respond fast, identify the issue (or issues) accurately, and repair the problem so you can return to life as normal.

Periodic checks of your system and routine maintenance can help to prevent small septic issues from becoming bigger problems. But we also know that when a septic system is working as it should, most homeowners focus on other issues that need to be tended to. So, if you begin to notice a faint odor of sewage coming from one of the drains in your home, we strongly recommend giving us a call. A faint odor is not likely to indicate a major problem, such as a pipe leak or an overflowing septic tank, but it could be the first sign that such problems are coming down the road. A faint odor of sewage may simply be the result of needing to make a fine adjustment to the chemical balance in your septic tank.

Importance Of Quick Septic System Service

More serious problems have more obvious results. If you notice wet spots on your property, particularly near where your septic tank is located, they may be caused by a malfunctioning septic tank or sewage line. Leaks that are not fixed by qualified professionals never fix themselves, and septic tank leaks can make life very unpleasant. One extended problem of a septic tank leak is that it does not contain itself to your property. So, if you have neighbors and you discover a septic tank leak, you and your family will not be the only ones affected by it. Good septic tanks make good neighbors. No matter what the problem with your septic system turns out to be, our staff can repair it. Call us at 763-218-4769 with any questions.