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Restaurants and commercial kitchens have long used Grease Traps to alleviate Sewer Blockages due to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). A buildup of FOG can cause clogged pipes, sewer lines, septic tanks or drainfields. This should serve as a warning to residential homeowners to Never Pour Grease Down The Drain.

All though installing a grease trap is probably not appropriate for most Zimmerman MN homes, being mindful of what goes down the drain is very smart. MN Septic Professionals like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. have Repaired Septic Systems damaged by large amounts of Septic Tank Scum.


Grease Trap Installation

A Grease Trap is a plumbing device that intercepts grease and oils before they can enter and clog up sewage systems. This type of plumbing receptacle has been around since the 1800s. The premise is pretty simple. Liquid fats such as bacon grease and cooking oils are collected into a drain box located between the kitchen drain and the septic tank.

As the grease temperature cools, the fats solidify and float to the top. Wastewater flows out from an exit in the bottom of the Grease Interceptor Box. This is an effective way to minimize the Negative Effects of FOG on municipal sewers and Independent Septic Tank and Systems. While a good investment for restaurants, a grease trap is probably overkill for a typical home.


How Fat | Grease | Oil Damage Septic Tanks

Have you heard of a Fatberg? You can think of Oil & Grease as a big no-no when it comes to your septic system. When you pour grease down the drain it can not just Clog Pipes but also impact the chemistry of the whole septic tank and system. Almost half of all Sewer Overflows are connected to a buildup of fat and oils.

Everything that goes down a drain in your home will eventually end up inside of the septic tank. The septic tank contains a microcosm of Bacteria that can effectively break down and decompose sewage waste. Fats, grease, oils and other particles rise to the top to form a Scum Layer. Solids sink to the bottom of the tank to form the Sludge Layer. Liquid Effluent Layer collects in the middle layer before flowing out to the Drainfield.

Too much Greasy Scum can slow down the decomposition inside of the septic tank. Bacteria living inside of the tank may not be able to keep up with the giant fatberg forming in the top level of the tank. Grease could be forced through the outlet pipe and Block the Septic Drain Field. Repairing or Replacing a Damaged Drainfield can get to be quite costly. Its best to simply pour cooking grease into a container and put it into the trash rather than risk causing significant damage to your septic system.


MN Septic Professionals

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