Early Signs You Might Need Septic System RepairSeptic system failure might be one of the most stressful, costly and difficult of all home repairs. As you might expect, a septic system failure can create a huge mess, is unsanitary and requires a professional, emergency clean-up service. It is always best to catch a septic system problem before that problem turns into a failure. The team at Custom Septic will partner with you to do just that. All of our staff has extensive experience with septic system design, installation, maintenance and repair and can diagnose a potential issue BEFORE it becomes a major problem for you.

Common Signs Your Septic Is Under Performing

Here are some common signs that your septic system may need maintenance or repair. Act fast, so that a small issue does not become a much bigger one.

Foul smelling odors: The tell-tell sign of a septic system problem is odor. A foul smell from your pipes, your appliances or outside near your septic system is generally an indicator of a problem brewing. Reach out to a professional quickly for an assessment and repair.

Slow drains: If you notice that your sink or tub drains are draining more slowly than usual, it’s possible you are developing a septic system back-up. This is an early sign that you may need professional assistance.

Issues with your toilets: Similar to your drains, if you notice that your toilet is not flushing correctly or flushing slowly, take notice as this can also be a signal of a problem.

Gurgling noises: Gurgling sounds that you can hear inside your home from the pipes is another sign of a potential problem.

Moisture around your drain field: You may not think about looking, but if you notice moisture around your drain field and/weeds growing around your tank, this may mean that wastewater from your sewage system is rising to the surface rather than staying below ground.

Sewage backups: This is probably the most obvious warning, but sewage backups in your home is a sign that should be handled immediately.

Septic System Maintenance and Repair in Minnesota

Regular septic system maintenance is important when you have a septic system on your property. Our crew at Custom Septic can complete tank pumping and cleaning and if we find a bigger problem, we can communicate that with you and then make the necessary repairs. Do not ignore the signs of septic system problems as they are very unlikely to go away on their own. Instead, give us a call at 763-218-4769.