Drainfield Maintenance In Corcoran MinnesotaSeptic tanks are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to address household or business waste. Like any intricate apparatus, several components work together to ensure optimal processing is maintained. If any element of your septic system fails to function properly, this will eventually have a knock-on effect on other parts.

You may first notice that water in your sinks, shower or toilet is draining slowly. Otherwise, there might be an unpleasant smell outside or emanating from your drains. If this is accompanied by wet patches on your lawn or raw sewage, you have a problem with your drainfield.

Causes Of Drainfield Problems

A drain field aims to allow treated water from your septic tank to re-enter the environment. However, if your septic system is used excessively, this does not allow the moisture to evaporate or dissipate through the soil. Too much outflow produces a sticky sludge and may back up the line leading from your tank to the drain field. Similarly, excess rainfall or flooding can prevent the proper completion of the septic treatment cycle. Other causes include:

● Heavy items over drainfield: Inadvertently using your leach field as a parking lot or the placement of heavy garden furniture could cause drainage problems. A drainage field is made up of lateral lines, pipes, and trenches. Crushing any of these components or compacting the soil restricts proper functionality.
Overloaded systems: Custom Septic recommends having your system pumped regularly. Your maintenance schedule will depend on the number of people using the sewage system on a regular basis. Failure of the drain field is only one of the issues that can arise from an overloaded septic system, so make sure regular pumping is a priority.
Aged systems: Even if you maintain your drain field properly, it will eventually succumb to old age. Leach fields tend to have a lifespan of around thirty years, and you will notice that backups and slow drainage become more frequent with time.

Maintain And Repair Your Drainfield In Corcoran Minnesota

Many septic service companies will immediately encourage you to entirely replace your drain field at the first sign of an issue. However, this is costly to you and often unnecessary. At Custom Septic, we have the skills and equipment to repair your leach field efficiently and cost-effectively.

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