Hiding Your Septic Tank Manhole & Electric Box

Disguise Septic Manhole Lid Maple Lake MNYou take pride in your Maple Lake MN home and it shows. Why stop when it comes to the area above or around the Septic Tank? Those concrete Manhole Covers and Electric Boxes are not very attractive and can take away from the aesthetics of your yard. If you are planning to Hide or Disguise the septic tank manhole, these Do’s and Don’ts of Disguising Your Septic Tank from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can help to save you money by avoiding costly repairs. We are a Licensed Septic Contractor that has seen many septic systems damaged from rocks or mulch that are mistakenly placed in the wrong area.


Don’ts of Hiding Septic Tank Manhole Covers

In trying to Decorate, Hide or Disguise a septic tank, many homeowners are making mistakes that result in expensive repairs. At CSI Custom Septic, Inc. we have seen just about everything from decorative rocks to wood chips to dog kennels that should NOT be placed over the septic tank or manhole cover.

  • Rock Gardens (Stones may fall into the manhole when it is opened for inspection or cleaning. They may become lodged into the outlet pipe and cause a sewer backup)
  • Mulch or Wood Chips (Same as rocks)
  • Vegetable Gardens (Food can be contaminated from bacteria in sewage)
  • Swing Set or Play Equipment (Children should be kept away from septic components to prevent illness and also to avoid damage from compacting soil)
  • Dog Kennel (Same as children’s play yard and to prevent digging)
  • Fence (Septic contractors may need to access the septic tank, drainfield, baffles or pump house with machinery)
  • Heavy or Permanent Structure (Driving, parking or placing heavy objects on top of a mound system, septic tank or drainfield can compact soil or damage septic components)


Do’s of Ways to Disguise Manhole | Lid | Electical | Pipe

Don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of ways that you can Decorate or Cover Up ugly septic system components, without causing damage. The Manhole Cover, Electric Box and Inspection Pipes are easily hidden away by using the following Septic Tank Disguising Techniques.

  • Artificial Landscape Rock (Large, lightweight, plastic or foam type landscape rocks that are designed to fit over manhole covers are sold in many stores)
  • Wine Barrel (Cut old wine barrel in half and use it the same way as an artificial landscaping stone)
  • Plant Native Grasses (Many plants and decorative grasses that are native to Minnesota climate can be used to landscape and disguise septic tanks)
  • Wishing Well, Removable Bridge, Statue, Bird Bath or Large Potted Plant (Anything that is easily moved and provides an attractive aesthetic, can be used)
  • Paint, Decorate or Mosaic (Add pizazz to a plain septic tank lid by personalizing it to match other décor)


Minnesota Licensed Septic Contractor

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a MN Licensed Septic Contractor since 1995. Our many years of experience has provided a front row seat to the destruction caused by unknowing property owners. We have also seen many creative ways that people have used to add interest and beauty to unsightly Septic System Components. Let us help you to Design and Install a septic system that is built to last for 10, 20, 30 or more years with proper care and maintenance.

In Maple Lake MN, call Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) at 763-218-4769 for Septic System Designs and Professional Installations.