Do Not Ignore Septic System ConcernsIf you have a sense that there is a problem with your septic system, then there likely is. You should never ignore any type of unusual issue that you notice, especially something like a gurgling sound from your pipes, a foul smell, slow drains or toilets, puddles of standing water around or especially green grass around your drain field. These are all signs of a septic system problem that can be unsanitary and very expensive to repair. Custom Septic Inc. specializes in identifying, diagnosing and repairing problems before they become a full system failure.

Minnesota Septic System Maintenance And Repair

Custom Septic has more than two decades of extensive experience with all types of septic system issues. We can design and install a new system, inspect an existing system, perform routine maintenance to prevent a major problem and, of course, make necessary repairs. Our technicians have the skills, training and experience to handle all types of issues and help you make the best decision about how to move forward with your system. We are located in Big Lake, MN, and serve the surrounding area up a 50-mile radius.

The worst mistake you can make is to ignore a sign that your septic system has a problem. When our customers have waited to make contact with our team, we (almost always) find a bigger problem than if they had called us right away. Septic system issues do not just go away, so if you see signs that your system is not functioning correctly, our best advice is to call us immediately so that we can minimize the repairs. In fact, we recommend that a septic system be pumped every two years. When we complete this routine maintenance, we can identify any potential problems that we find before they ever become an issue for you to worry about.

Local Septic System Repair Company In Big Lake

When you own your home, one of the things that comes with that investment is home repairs and home improvement projects. If your home has a septic system, it is smart to find a septic system company that you can work with periodically to make sure that it is functioning properly. Custom Septic has partnered with many homeowners in the Big Lake, MN area and is happy to serve as your trusted source for septic system maintenance and repair. We offer affordable pricing plus low interest financing options. For more information, or to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team, give us a call at 763-218-4769.