Do I Have a Septic System Problem?There are some problems that come up in or around your home that you can take your time to repair. There are other problems that you cannot wait to repair. Septic system problems are definitely one thing that needs to be taken care of ASAP. How do you know if you have a septic system problem? Here are some common signs of you can look for:

  • Water or sewage backing up in your toilets, bathtubs, sinks, etc.
  • Slow drains especially in showers and sinks.
  • Gurgling sounds in your plumbing after you run water or flush a toilet
  • Standing water in your yard, especially around the drainfield
  • Foul smelling odor inside or outside your house (including near your drainfield).

Common Signs of a Septic System Problem

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is time to reach out to a professional septic system repair company. Waiting a day, a week, or longer, puts you at an increased risk of a very big problem, costly damage, and disgusting mess. Custom Septic Inc. specializes in septic system repair for property owners in Minnesota. We can quickly assess a septic system issue and make a repair for you quickly to limit any additional damage. We can repair damaged septic tank covers, damaged piping, septic leaks, cracked and even a blacked leach field. A septic system failure can cost you thousands of extra dollars plus a lot of time and effort cleaning. Preventing a small septic system problem from becoming a septic system failure is what we do best. We have the experience, skills and license to assess, diagnose, inspect, install and repair a septic system.

Professional Septic System Repair in MN

If you own a home that has a septic system, it is important to have it looked at regularly so that any small problems can be identified and managed. You should never try to fix a septic system issue yourself. If you have noticed any (even minor) signs that there may be a problem with your septic system, we recommend you calling Custom Septic right away at 763-218-4769. We will take time to thoroughly inspect your system, answer your questions, and provide you with high quality septic system services. That is our commitment to you. We have built our reputation on high quality work; excellent customer service and affordable prices and we will help manage any septic problem you have quickly and with professionalism.