Public Sewer System VS Private Septic System

Septic & Sewer Benefits & Drawbacks East Bethel MNIf you are thinking of buying a new home in the East Bethel MN area and have questions about Septic Systems, you are not alone. The type of Sewage Treatment System that you are most familiar with probably depends on where you have lived in the past. Homes in many MN cities and towns are connected to a Public Sewer System maintained by a public works department. Other neighborhoods rely on some type of Septic Tank System to take care of Waste Water. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides quality services for Individual Onsite Septic Systems around several Minnesota communities.


Homes With Septic Tank Or City Sewer

There are several differences between a typical Private Septic System and Public Sewer System. They each have Pros and Cons that effects Cost and Convenience. Both types of sewage disposal systems can provide adequate treatment and dispersement of residential wastewater before it re-enters the ground water.


Benefits Of Septic Sewage System

A typical Septic Tank System may provide these Positive Benefits:

  • Cheaper to use over the long run as compared to city sewer
  • No monthly bills for water or sewer
  • Can be used cost effectively in rural or remote areas of MN
  • Easy to operate
  • Can last for decades with simple maintenance and inspections
  • Natural, eco friendly sewage disposal


Cons Of Septic Tank System

Not everbody wants to deal with having their own Onsite Sewage Treatment based on these perceived Negative aspects of a Septic Tank System:

  • Responsibilty of property owner
  • Regular maintanance is required
  • Must be pumped out approximately once every three years
  • Well water can be contaminated by a failed septic system
  • Foul odors can come from a clogged septic system
  • Repairs, upgrades or replacement costs are paid by the property owner


Benefits Of Shared Sewer System

Having your home connected to a Municipal Sewer System requires very little thought on where the water goes when it leaves your home. Here are some other Benefits of Centralized Sewer System:

  • Very convenient
  • Maintained by public works department
  • Repairs are handled by local government
  • Costs are spread out by all connected properties
  • Water quality is tested on a regular basis


Cons Of Connecting To Public Sewers

A Public Sewer System has some Drawbacks just like every other type of sewage treatment system:

  • Monthly bill for water and sewer
  • Generally more expensive than septic systems over long run
  • Costs to upgrade, replace or repair a centralized sewer system is passed on to taxpayers
  • Only available in limited areas


Quality Septic Services Company

Allow CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to ease your mind about purchasing a property with an Onsite Septic Tank System. Our Septic Inspections can provide you with the necessary information to understand the current condition of a Septic Tank and Drainfield and choose Septic vs. SewerAffordable Septic System Repairs can keep a system operating for many more years without significant cost.

In East Bethel MN, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for Reliable Septic System Services at: 763-218-4769