Cost Effective Septic System Designs

Designing Your Ham Lake MN Septic SystemThere’s probably a lot more that goes into designing an Efficient Septic Tank System than what most Ham Lake MN residents think. Sewage Treatment can be both complex and simple at the same time. A good Septic System Designer should have a complete understanding of the type of sewer system that will suit your needs and be the right fit for your individual property. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with a Detailed Site Analysis and Septic System Design that meets or exceeds local and state regulations. Popular designs include Mound System, Gravity Distribution, Pressure Distribution and Sand Filtered sewers.


Residential Sewage Treatment Systems

A Licensed Septic Designer is someone who is educated on the unique styles of Sewage Treatment Systems that are currently being used in Minnesota. He or she understands the way that Soil, Water Tables, Topography and other elements of each individual property affects which type of Residential Septic System to install. Careful thought and planning goes into designing a septic system that will stand the test of time.


Different Types of Residential Septic Systems

  • Conventional Gravity Septic System – Site locations that can rely on gravity to assist with sewage treatment may be ideal for this very common type of MN septic system. Elevation is the key to move liquid waste through the soil and drainfield. Bacteria does the rest.
  • Sand Filter Septic System – A pump and sand filter are used in this type of septic system. Wastewater can be pretreated as it filters through the sand, before it is allowed to flow into the soil treatment area. Locations near a lake or in areas with shallow bedrock may benefit from installing a sand filtered sewer system.
  • Pressure Distribution Septic System Design – Coarse, gravel-like conditions may be best suited to this type of low pressure septic system. Depth restrictions require a pump to disperse the liquid waste through a shallow drainage field.
  • Elevated Mound Septic System – this above ground sewer system kind of resembles a raised dirt hill or mound. The above diagram illustrates the basic components of a mound system. An electric pump sends the liquid waste up to the raised mound to begin the sewage treatment process.


Licensed Septic Design Business

For more information on Minnesota Septic Systems, speak with a Licensed Septic Professional. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is certified in Septic System Design and Installation. We take our job very seriously so that our customers can trust that they are getting a Quality Sewage Treatment System for a fair and honest price. We can walk you through the process from design concept to a finished product that will do its job for many years to come.

In Ham Lake MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for a Free Estimate on Designing Your New Septic System at: 763-218-4769