Debunking Common Myths About Septic SystemsSeptic systems are essential components of rural and suburban living, managing wastewater treatment and disposal efficiently. Unfortunately, their importance can often be misrepresented through misconceptions and myths; Custom Septic is here to disprove them all! As one of north west metro’s premiere septic service providers, Custom Septic can dispel all such myths while shining a light on what the truth really is behind each myth.

Myth #1: Septic systems require regular pumping
Truth: While it is true that septic systems require regular pumping, their frequency varies based on factors like tank size, household size and water usage. Custom Septic can conduct regular inspections to identify an ideal pumping schedule for your specific system and help save you money in the long run.

Myth #2: Septic systems are harmful to the environment
Truth: When designed, installed, and maintained appropriately, septic systems are environmentally friendly. Septic systems use natural processes to break down waste while simultaneously filtering out bacteria and pathogens that might enter groundwater sources. With proper maintenance and water usage practices in place, your septic system should operate smoothly while being kind to Mother Nature.

Myth #3: Septic systems release foul odors
Truth: Foul odors typically indicate poorly maintained or malfunctioning septic systems. A properly maintained septic system should not emit any noticeable odors at all; any noticeable smells could indicate blockages, leaks or inadequate ventilation requiring immediate professional intervention such as Custom Septic.

Myth #4: Septic systems require additives
Truth: While many products claim to boost septic system performance through additives, most are unnecessary and sometimes even harmful. A healthy septic system relies on beneficial bacteria found in human waste to break down solids; overuse of additives could disrupt this balance and lead to system inefficiency.

Myth #5: Septic systems require no maintenance
Truth: To ensure optimal performance of septic systems, they do require regular maintenance such as inspections, pumping, and water usage monitoring. Neglecting maintenance could result in costly repairs as well as environmental hazards; Custom Septic provides professional maintenance services to keep your septic system operating at peak performance.

Debunking common septic system myths is essential for homeowners in north west metro and beyond. By dispelling such misperceptions, we can foster responsible ownership and ensure efficient wastewater management while safeguarding environmental sustainability. Custom Septic is dedicated to offering expert septic services and dispelling myths surrounding essential systems like your septic tank – contact us at (763) 218-4769 now to discover more and schedule an inspection to extend its longevity and ensure its effectiveness!