Onsite Sewage Disposal Costs

Costs of Having Septic System in Cambridge MN Part 1No matter where you live in Minnesota, you are required to pay for your own Sewage Disposal. Residents of Cambridge MN and other Isanti County communities may utilize an Individual On-Site Sewage System as their form of Sewer Installation. These types of Septic Systems can function at a relatively Low Cost with adequate care. Individual Sewer Systems that are Designed and Installed by a Licensed Septic Contractor at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. may operate for 20, 30 or even 40 years without any major problems.


Kinds of Septic System Costs

The four types of costs associated with Rural Sewage Treatment include the following categories listed below. Fortunately, there are sometimes Government Grants or Low Interest Loans to help offset costs to MN Septic System Owners. The CSI Custom Septic, Inc. website has information on programs that may be available this year. Click on this Low Interest Financing link to get more information.

  1. Original Cost to Design, Build and Install Septic System
  1. Ongoing Sewer System Care and Maintenance Costs
  1. Occasional Septic System Repairs
  1. Replacement Costs for Failed or Non-conforming Septic System


Cost to Design | Build | Install Septic System

Each home and property has unique specifications when it comes to Septic System Design. It takes a Certified Septic Designer to fully understand and plan out the best Sewage Disposal System for each application. We look at factors including:

  • Size of Home & Number of Bedrooms
  • Local Wastewater Disposal Ordinances
  • Size, Shape, Slope and Location of property
  • Type of Soil (sand, clay, rocky, etc.)
  • Proximity to Underground Water Table, Wetlands, Shoreland, etc.
  • Client’s wishes for Efficiency, Cost and Eco Friendly options

With everything factored in, most Isanti County MN homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $3000 and $10,000 for a typical New Septic System. Some advanced design options could cost somewhat more than this to Design, Construct and Install all of the components.


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

Check back later this week for Part 2 where CSI Custom Septic, Inc. will pass on more information on other Costs Associated With MN Septic Systems. We are a Licensed MN Septic Contractor with over 20 years of experience in Onsite Residential Sewage Systems in Minnesota. Our services include Individual Septic System Design, Installation, Repairs and Compliance Inspections. Feel free to contact us for a Free Quote.

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