Does Your Home Have City Sewer or Private Septic?

Compare Septic & Sewer St MichaelAs the real estate market heats up this spring, some home buyers may have questions regarding the type of Sewer System being used. Depending on the location of your property you may have either a Private Septic System or be connected to a Public Utility Sewer System. The cities of St Michael MN and neighboring Albertville, have homes that use one or the other systems to handle waste water. As a Licensed Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides many services for On-site Septics including Designing New Septic Tank Systems, Upgrades and Replacements. We can also Convert Septic Systems to Sewer Lines in neighborhoods that are making the switch to city water and sewer.


Differences Between Septic System and Sewer System

Are you interested in purchasing a home that has a Septic System with a Private Well or Municipal Sewer & Water Connection? To help you make the decision, here are some of the differences between the two different wastewater treatment systems.


  1. What Happens When I Flush The Toilet?
    1. Private Septic Systems have a septic tank that holds and processes toilet waste before releasing liquids out to a drain field. Bacteria begins to decompose and break down the solids.
    2. Public Sewer Systems collect the waste through sewer lines that run from the home plumbing to a municipal line under the street. Sewage is carried to a wastewater treatment facility for decontamination.


  1. Where Does My Water Come From?
    1. Homes with a Septic System will also have their own Private Well on the property.
    2. Homes connected to a Municipal Sewer System will have their water provided by the City Water


  1. How Much Maintenance Is Required?
    1. An average On Site Septic System will need to be pumped out about once every 3 years. You should also pay attention to what goes into the septic tank to avoid overworking or damaging the organic treatment process.
    2. A City Sewer System is maintained by the public works department.


  1. Who Do I Call If My Sewage Treatment System Isn’t Working?
    1. A Licensed Septic Contractor like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides Individual Septic System repairs, upgrades and inspections.
    2. Problems with a Public Sewer System are handled by the local municipality. You may be responsible for clogs in the line between the home and the sewer main line. Tree roots are often the culprit if you are experiencing sewer backups or overflowing toilets.


  1. How Much Are The Expected Ongoing Costs?
    1. A lot depends on the type of Septic System that you have and how much waste water is processed through the system. Most Minnesota homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $1,000 per year for regular maintenance and pump outs.
    2. Many cities combine the Water and Sewer Bills together and charge according to monthly usage. You would most likely be paying more money per year if your home is connected to the Public Sewer System.


MN Licensed Septic Contractor

If you are new to Private Septic Systems, have used one for your entire life or are interested in Converting Your Septic to a Public Sewer Line, you can always count on the reliability and honesty from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. We are Licensed MN Septic Contractors, providing professional septic services, including Quality Repair Work in the St. Michael and Albertville MN area since for over 20 years.

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