Common Signs of Septic System FailureThe saying, “The nose knows” might not have been created by someone in the septic system industry, but it certainly does fit. A septic system that is functioning properly goes unnoticed, and that is how it should be. A septic system that is not noticed is one that was properly installed and has been properly maintained and inspected. The chemical and mechanical dynamics of septic systems, however, mean that eventually something can fail, resulting in anything from a minor repair to a complete system replacement. Custom Septic, Inc., will help you feel a sense of confidence in your septic system. We can complete all necessary repairs to keep your system working the way it should.

Preventing Septic System Failure

In addition to completing periodic checks on your system, which will help identify problems before they become major failures, you can keep an eye on your septic system’s functioning in between maintenance checks. Actually, your nose is probably the best way to identify problems before they become major.
Septic systems move wastewater and other waste material out of your home. When they are functioning as they should, the chemical balance in the septic system is maintained by properly functioning mechanical components, which eliminate the foul odors that are so often associated with septic system failure. When something breaks down, you are likely to notice the unmistakable smell of sewage in or around your home. You may also notice more subtle signs first. Those signs include:

● A reduction in water pressure.
● Toilets that are slow to flush and/or slow to fill up.
● Toilets and drains begin to clog.
● Areas of moisture develop on your property near your septic system.
● Noticeably greener grass near your septic tank.

Each of those signs warrants a call to our team. Calling us when you notice such signs may mean that we can prevent a minor problem from becoming more major. If you begin to notice a fetid odor coming up from kitchen and/or bathroom drains, the issue could be more advanced. The nose knows.

Septic System Repair Company in MN

If the smell coming up from your drains results in sewage backing up into one or more parts of your home, it will be clear that you need to contact us. And we are happy to respond. Regardless of the severity of your problem, we are here to help with the proper maintenance of your septic system. Call us 763-218-4769 for more information.