Common Signs Of A Septic System ProblemWe have all been there. Things are going well, and they have been for a while. There is no reason to suspect that that will change, but in the back of our minds we remember that we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security before. We end up with a subtle feeling that something is about to change. And then, one day, when returning home from work or from grocery shopping, we open the front door, and we are greeted by the unmistakable odor of sewage. Or while mowing the lawn, we notice that there’s a patch of grass over by the septic tank that is greener than usual, or we step in a spot on the lawn that is saturated with water for no apparent reason. Our period of living relatively stress-free has come to an end. Suddenly, you realize that you have an issue with your septic system, and it is time to contact Custom Septic Inc.

Common Signs You Might Need a Septic System Repair

The problem with your septic system may not be serious but the smell of sewage, however strong or faint, prevents us from wishing the problem away. These are the most common ways that a homeowner discovers an issue with their septic systems. When you smell sewage in your home, it indicates that gasses from your septic system are backing up into your living space, likely from a sink or bathroom drain, or possibly from a toilet. The issue could be simple–a chemical imbalance in the system that results in those gasses emanating into your home that can be fixed by restoring the bacterial balance in the system. One thing about the problem that is certain, however, is that it will not fix itself. Custom Septic, Inc., will accurately diagnose the issue and our staff has the experience and knowledge to fix it.

Experienced Septic System Repair Company In Minnesota

It is also not uncommon for customers to contact us because they have found moisture on their property that seems to be related to the septic system, or a patch of noticeably greener grass near the site of the septic tank. A blockage in the system can cause water to back up and saturate an area of your yard. That problem can also be caused by a leak or rupture in a pipe connecting the underground part of your septic system to your home’s plumbing. This kind of issue requires the kind of experience and knowledge that we have. If you have discovered any of these issues, or something different that makes you think it is septic-related, call us today at (763) 218-4769.