Common Problems With Minnesota Septic SystemsSeptic systems are both simple and complex. They are simple in that they flush away solid and liquid waste from your home, and they are complex in that the design must be tailored to each individual property. The various parts and mechanisms of a septic system have remained in their same basic design for a long time, and each individual component is reliable. However, that does not mean that individual parts do not fail from time to time. Custom Septic, Inc., has the experience and knowledge of septic system design, installation, and maintenance to minimize problems over time and fix problems that do arise.

Design Problems With Septic Systems

The problems that arise with septic systems can vary widely. We often see issues that occur due to substandard design. Sadly, it is not unheard of for a septic system company to take short cuts in the design and installation of a residential septic system. That system may work fine for a period of time, but problems are more likely to arise sooner than they would otherwise, if a company like Custom Septic had created the design and performed the installation.

So, what are those problems that can arise? A common problem is a chemical imbalance in the septic tank. Bacterial levels must be steady in the septic tank so that the sewage does not build up faster than the rate of decomposition. If the sludge does build up, the tank will need to be periodically emptied of its solid waste. The septic vacuum trucks that you might see driving around town are likely outperforming this very task. When Custom Septic empties your septic tank in that way, we can provide recommendations about how to go about maintaining better balance in your septic tank. If the buildup of sludge is a larger problem than anticipated, we can take care of that problem too.

Septic System Maintenance And Repair Company In Minnesota

Leakage is another common problem. If you notice moist or saturated areas in your yard that are not due to normal rain drainage, they may indicate a leak somewhere between your home’s plumbing and the septic tank or drainage field. A leak can also be indicated by one or more patches of very green, lush grass, compared to the rest of your lawn.

Telltale signs inside the house are slow drains and varying degrees of odors coming from drains. If you have any reason to suspect a problem with your septic system, give us a call at (763) 218-4769.