Frozen Septic Tank | Sewage Line | Drain Field

Climate Change Causing Septic Problems Monticello MNIf you are fed up with winter after an early April snow fall, you are not alone. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to all of that fluffy white snow. Unfortunately, it comes too late for many Monticello MN area Septic System Owners. Statistics show that the once reliable Minnesota snow cover from November to March is becoming less and less reliable. Unsuspecting rural homeowners are ending up with Frozen Septic Tanks, Sewer Lines and Drain Fields or a Sewage Backup. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has some suggestions to Save Money by Preventing Freezing Septic Systems.


Sewer Backing Up Into Basements

There is a good article in the Star Tribune that highlights some of the unexpected challenges from Minnesota’s changing climate. Sewer Backing Up Into Basements and Mound System Failure are just a couple of the problems that are becoming more likely with less snow cover. Desperate homeowners are finding that their Septic Tanks are unable to process wastewater. The sewage simply has nowhere to go when Sewer Lines Are Frozen or Drainfields Freeze Up.

Property owners are sometimes left paying for damage to homes, cabins or businesses that use a Septic Tank System. They may also end up with bills for Septic System Repairs and extra Septic Tank Pumping to get them through until the spring thaw.


Septic Pumping Trucks Damaging Roads

MN taxpayers are sometimes left paying the bill when rural roads are damaged from heavy Septic Pump Trucks driving on winter roads. Some rural roads have weight restrictions during the winter to prevent damage to fragile surfaces. Septic Pump Trucks are often too heavy to drive over these restricted roadways. The choice must be made to either break the law and risk damaging the road or have residents cut way back on water use until the spring thaw.


Snow Insulates Septic Systems

You see, it used to be that Minnesota winters would typically have enough snow coverage in November or December that it would last until the ground begins to thaw in spring. All of that snowpack would provide Insulation for Septic Systems. Over the years we have been seeing less early snow cover, but we are still gettiing very cold temperatures. This allows the frost layer is going down deeper into the ground. Mound Systems can be especially vulnerable to Freezing Up.


Prevent Septic System Freezing

  1. Add 8” to 12” of Hay, Straw or Mulch to insulate septic system
  2. Pump Out Septic Tank on a regular basis
  3. Direct water from Furnace or Water Softener away from septic tank
  4. Repair Leaky Faucets that can freeze up in the sewer line
  5. Stay off of the Mound System, Septic Tank and Drain Field
  6. Run Hot Water down the drain every day
  7. Ask a Septic Contractor about adding insulation to septic line


MPCA Certified Septic Contractor

As a MPCA Certified Septic Contractor, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has seen the affects play out in the form of Frozen Septic Systems. The best way to Save Money is to Prevent Septic System Freezing. Regular Septic System Maintenance is a great way to avoid the headache and expense of a Septic Failure during winter.

In Monticello MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Quality – Affordable Septic Repair by calling: 763-218-4769.