Sewage System Screens and Filters

How To Clean Septic Tank Filter Corcoran MNIf you have an Onsite Septic System with an underground Septic Tank then you probably have some sort of Septic Filter Installed. They play an important role for filtering out solids that could otherwise Clog up the Drainfield or Sewer Lines that run through your yard. Most types of Corcoran MN Septic Systems benefit from a Washing Machine Lint Filter or Effluent Outlet Filter housed inside of the septic tank. Different kinds of Septic Filters can be installed by a Licensed Septic Contractor like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. or by a handy homeowner. Cleaning Your Septic Tank Filter can be done by a septic technician or done carefully by a resident.


Installing Filter In The Septic Tank

A simple Washing Machine Outlet Filter is usually easy to install and keep free of clogging debris. Filters Installed Inside of the Septic Tank can be a bit tricky to install and to clean. Septic Professionals at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can assist with choosing the best types of Septic System Filters for your individual septic tank system. Our MN Licensed Contractors can also Professionally Install the septic tank filtering screen for best results.


How Often Should You Clean Septic Tank Filter?

Filters Inside of the Septic Tank must be cleaned regularly to avoid getting clogged with feces and other solid materials. They can easily become plugged up and less effective without proper maintenance. For this reason, frequent cleaning is recommended. You should plan on Cleaning Your Septic Tank Filter About Once Every 6 Months.


DIY Cleaning Septic Tank Filters

Cleaning an Inside the Septic Tank Filter can be a very messy, dirty job. You may want to check with an Experienced Septic Professional if you have any qualms about doing the job yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need Rubber Gloves, Face Mask, Safety Glasses, Garden Hose, Bucket and a Screw Driver.

  1. Put on safety glasses and waterproof gloves
  2. Locate manhole cover, remove lid and find Septic Tank Effluent Filter on the outgoing side of the tank – look for a T shaped pipe
  3. Remove filter and screen
  4. With screen placed inside of a large bucket or held over the manhole opening, hose it down until it is free of debris (be very careful to not get sewage sprayed into your face)
  5. Put the filter back into place
  6. Dump the contents of the bucket into the septic tank and clean the bucket using water and up to ¼ cup of bleach
  7. Put the manhole cover securely back into place
  8. Throw away rubber gloves and thoroughly wash hands, face and contaminated clothing using hot, soapy water


Licensed MN Septic Contractor

For Quality Septic Services and Sewer Maintenance Tips, look no further than CSI Custom Septic, Inc. We are a very reputable and Licensed MN Septic Contractor with over 20 years of experience in the Onsite Sewer Business. Ask about Inspections and Repairs that help keep Minnesota Septic Systems functioning at optimal performance.

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