Residential Sewage Treatment Systems

Sanitary Sewer vs Septic System Otsego MNHow do you know if your home is connected to a Municipal Sewer & Water System or has a Septic Tank System & Well? Which type of Sewage Treatment Process is better for your family, City Sewer or Onsite Septic? These are just a couple of questions that are often asked by Otsego MN homeowners and potential property buyers. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is a Trusted MN Septic Company with decades of experience with several types of MN Sewer Systems. Our services include Septic Tank Installation and Septic to Sewer Conversion.


Public Sewer vs Onsite Septic

Communities all across Minnesota have been laying the groundwork for Municipal Sewer Systems for generations but that doesn’t mean that public sewers are available everywhere. Centralized Sewage Treatment requires treatment facilities and the manpower/womanpower to keep everything running smoothly. Residents that are connected to a city sewer are usually Billed on a Monthly basis for water used and wastewater processed through the treatment facility.

An Onsite Septic Tank System can be professionally installed on properties outside of the downtown area. Owners are responsible for the ongoing care and maintenance of their own Sewage Collection & Treatment System. They will have to pay a septic service provider only when services are rendered. Regular Septic Tank Pumping, Inspections and occasional Repairs should be expected.


Municipal Sewer System

Being connected to a Public Sewer System requires little maintenance on the part of the homeowner. It does however come at a cost. Water and Sewer Bills can be sky high during peak watering season on hot summer days. However, most of the maintenance, infrastructure and actual sewage treatment process are the responsibility of your local municipality.

  • Sanitary sewer pipelines collect organic human waste and wastewater from home and transport to a sewage treatment facility
  • Maintenance of municipal sewer system is usually handled by city employees
  • Residents receive monthly utility bill that includes water and sewer charges­­
  • Waste materials are treated through a decontamination process before being released back into the environment
  • Water is tested for compliance with water safety standards


Individual Onsite Septic Tank System

Having an Independent Septic Tank System with a Private Well does have some advantages. While the burden of maintaining a septic system falls squarely on the property owner, the Yearly Operational Costs are generally Lower than paid on a city utility bills.

  • Designed and installed by a certified septic professional
  • Inspected every few years by a septic compliance inspector or prior to sale of property
  • Septic tank pumped out approximately every one to three years depending on type of system and regular waste water usage
  • Upkeep and repairs are the responsibility of the property owner
  • A well designed and properly installed septic system can last for up to forty years with regular maintenance


Converting From Private Septic to Public Sewer

The city of Otsego MN currently has about 47 miles of sanitary sewer lines that service the community. At some point in time your property may be eligible to connect to City Sewer & Water lines. Contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. if you are interested in a quote for Converting from an Individual Septic Tank System to a Municipal Sewer Pipeline.


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