Choosing The Right Septic System DesignDo you have land that you are planning to build a home on and need to install a septic system on the property? This is a project that needs to be completed by the best septic professionals around Minnesota. By choosing to work with our team at Custom Septic, we can help you find the right septic system design for your property, and we can install the system as well. This will ensure that your new septic system functions at its best for decades to come.

Our septic professionals are eager to share and educate you on the various septic system design options that you can choose from when searching for the right septic system for your property. We will spend as much time as needed to explain the details of the various septic system designs so that you are truly comfortable with the decision that you make. The various septic system designs that you can choose from include the following:

Gravity Septic System – This style septic system uses gravity to help the waste flow through the pipes and into the septic tank. Since this system uses gravity to transmit the waste, you need to be able to dig deep on the property and the overall property needs to be fairly level.
Pressure Distribution Septic System – If a gravity septic system isn’t an option, then a pressure distribution septic system is often utilized. This tank has a time-controlled pump that gets rid of excess waste once the septic tank is full. This system has controls and an alarm to alert you if there are any issues with your septic system.
Sand Filter Septic System – If your property has poor soil conditions, the sand filter septic system is a great option because it has a sand filter that provides extra treatment of the water. When the wastewater goes through the tank and is pumped out, it enters the sand filter, which treats the wastewater before it goes into the drainfield.
Mount Septic System – If the soil on your property will not allow for a standard drainfield, a mount septic system may be ideal. A hill will be created above the ground in a specific area on your property. This mound will be packed with gravel and sand to filter the wastewater.
Aerobic Treatment System – While this isn’t a typical septic system option for homeowners, our team can install an aerobic treatment system as well.

As you can see, our team at Custom Septic has a septic system that will work for you, no matter what type of land you are on. To top it off, our expert installation will ensure that it will be built to last. To learn more about our septic system designs, give us a call today at (763) 218-4769 or email