Can My Drain field Be Repaired?A drainfield, also referred to as a leach field, is an integral component of any septic system. These systems work by filtering out pollutants and waste from the water leaving your tank. If your drain field is malfunctioning, water could back up into your yard or home. When you start to see signs of potential issues, don’t delay. Custom Septic can offer expert guidance for maintaining and restoring your septic system including your drainfield.

Prior to beginning repairs on your drainfield, it’s essential to understand its purpose. Drain fields are created through the careful placement of pipes running from septic tanks to create drain fields. This shallow excavation helps prevent bacteria and other impurities from leaching into nearby soil. Animals may inhale wastewater if there isn’t a drain field present, leading to runoff into your yard and creating unpleasant odors.

Signs Your Drain field Needs Repair

Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your drainfield functioning optimally, but there may still be issues lurking beneath the surface. Here are some warning signs that something may be amiss with your system:

● Slow drains in your home.
● You hear gurgling sounds from plumbing and drains.
● Needing to flush your toilet multiple times.
● Sudden increases of grass or shrubbery growth on soggy areas in your yard.
● Sewage odor coming from inside or outside the property.
● Black gunk appearing near your septic tanks.

Drain field problems can range in severity. For best results, leave the decision of what kind of drain field repair you require to experienced professionals. A certified septic restoration firm will inspect your tank and drainfield to identify the issue. Once they have made their assessment, they can recommend the most suitable repair option for you. Popular options are:

Repairs for broken or clogged lines: Your leach field won’t operate optimally if debris like tree roots, dirt and other materials get into the drain lines. We will inspect your system to identify the cause and provide cost-effective solutions, so it doesn’t happen again.
Clean-Outs, monitoring ports, and vents: Drainfield operations would not be complete without vents, monitoring ports and clean-outs. We offer repair or replacement of these devices if they become damaged or inoperable.
Drain field jetting: Clogs in drain fields are a common issue, but there are multiple solutions to resolve them. Jetting involves injecting water into pipes to break up clogs.

Drain Field Repair Company

It is so important to hire an experienced company with expertise and knowledge to repair your drainfield. Custom Septic has over two decades of experience providing personalized service to customers. To avoid larger issues in the future, we can work together with you to develop an individualized maintenance plan. Reach out to our professionals at (763) 218-4769 today to discover more about drain field maintenance and repair.