Buying or Selling Home with Septic System Anoka County MN Part 1Septic Compliance Inspection Experts

Anoka County MN Home Buyers want to have the peace of mind in knowing that the home they are purchasing is in good condition with no hidden surprises. Experienced realtors are likely to suggest a Septic Compliance Inspection to rule out any foreseeable problems with the Private On-Site Sewer System. All though the city of Ham Lake and others do not require a Point of Sale Certificate when selling a property, many mortgage lenders insist on a Professional Septic Inspection as a contingency of moving forward with a mortgage closing. Beginning the inspection process is a easy as contacting Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) to schedule an appointment with a MPCA Certified Septic Inspector.


Peace of Mind Septic Compliance Inspections

Some Minnesota communities require a Point of Sale Certificate be signed by both the home seller and property buyer. Wright County requires this certificate be signed before property transfer. Anoka County on the other hand does not have such requirement but that doesn’t mean that Home Mortgage Lenders and Property Buyers will not ask for a Certificate of Compliance from a Septic Compliance Inspection. A savvy home buyer will want to know that their Private On Site Sewer System meets or exceeds all local and state health ordinances.


Compliance Inspections for On Site Sewer System

An Experienced and Licensed Septic Inspector from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is very qualified to do Septic Compliance Inspections for Anoka County real estate transactions. During the inspection we will be looking for code violations or evidence of On-Site Sewer System Failure. If the sewage system looks good and complies with Minnesota state and local ordinances then we will issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

It is important to note that a Certificate of Compliance (COC) does not guarantee the future performance of the septic system on your property. It is however a good indication that your existing sewage waste disposal and treatment system isn’t causing water pollution or other human health violations. A Notice of Non Compliance (NON) will be issued if the sewer system is found to be noncompliant or unsafe.


MPCA Certified Septic Compliance Inspector

Before Buying or Selling a property with its own Private Sewer System, contact the experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI). We are happy to provide you with the Peace of Mind in knowing that your On-Site Septic System is compliant with any and all Minnesota, Anoka County and local regulations. CSI has a MPCA Certified Septic Compliance Inspector with 20 years of experience in providing Septic Compliance Inspections in Ham Lake, Andover, Ramsey and other local communities.

In Anoka County, contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) for a comprehensive and professional Septic Compliance Inspection at 763-218-4769.

CSI Custom Septic Inc. is providing Septic Compliance Inspections since 1996 for Anoka, Ham Lake, Blaine, Andover, East Bethel, Ramsey, Circle Pines, Coon Rapids, Columbus, St Francis and all of Anoka County MN.