Building Decks And Patios Around Septic SystemsAs Minnesota deals with the winter, many may already have their eyes set on the warmer days of Spring and Summer. What would be better than an early morning cup of coffee out on the patio? Or sitting around a fire on the patio in the evening?… that patio that you’ve been wanting to build but just haven’t gotten done yet. Consider the location of both your septic tank and drain fields before planning out the exact dimensions of that new patio or deck.

Minnesota Residential Building Code requires that building permits be obtained before the construction of any porch. Part of the permit’s approval will depend on the survey/detailed site plan, which will include the location of any deck or other structures, as well as septic tanks/systems and their distance from the property lines. While there are many detailed requirements for structure setbacks, in general, code requires that structures be a minimum of 10 feet from sewage tanks and a minimum of 20 feet from the absorption area of the drain field.

While different counties may interpret the code slightly differently, Minneapolis Building Codes have good reasoning behind these surveys. If you inadvertently construct a deck or patio on top of your septic tank system, you’re asking for problems down the road. When the septic tank needs to be drained/maintained, portions of your patio or deck may have to be cut, dismantled, or removed entirely to allow access to the tank lid. It goes without saying that if your toilets are backing up and overflowing in the house, any additional time it takes to remove decks or patios is going to be hazardous!

Designing A Septic System Around An Existing Deck Or Patio

Septic systems in Minnesota are governed by a combination of state regulations and local government ordinances. Well-designed and properly installed septic systems are critical to treating wastewater and protecting Minnesota’s surface and groundwater from contamination. Designers must carefully evaluate soil conditions and proximity to groundwater and create systems to function properly on specific sites. There are many options available, but to ensure codes are met, consult professionals.

Minnesota Septic System Experts

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