Residential On Site Sewage Treatment Systems

MN Septic System Owner Guide Pt 1 East Bethel MNIf you, like many other Minnesotans live in a rural area or own a cabin up north, chances are that you use an Onsite Sewage Treatment System or more commonly called a Septic System. They are relatively cheap to operate and very efficient to use. This article will be providing some Basic Guidelines for how a septic system works and why it is so important that we all do our part to properly dispose of sewage waste. Licensed Minnesota Contractor, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) will also be publishing Part 2 on related topics such as Septic System Care & Maintenance and record keeping for East Bethel MN residents.


Why is Sewage Treatment so Important?

The thought of living in a Minnesota community that has Sewage Waste Contamination is quite gross. Human feces carries Bacteria, Viruses and Disease Causing Organisms. Sysentery and Hepatitis are just two of the diseases found in sewage wastewater.

Failure to follow state guidelines for wastewater treatment can result in Contaminated Groundwater and Polluted Surface Water. Drinking or Swimming in polluted water can be a serious or even fatal Health Risk. We must all do our part to ensure the following:

  • Human Health and Safety
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Protect Wildlife and Environment
  • Economic Impact of Sewage Contamination


How a MN Septic System Works

A typical Home Septic System has 3 main components that work together to contain, treat and recycle household wastewater, including sewage. Of course there are many different variation of Septic System Designs. A MN State Certified Septic Designer can help you to find the best type of septic system for your individual property, home or cabin.

  1. Septic Tank – to store, separate and begin the biological treatment of sewage liquid and solid waste.
  1. Drainfield – this common dispersal system takes liquid waste from the septic tank and carries it to the soil treatment area.
  1. Soil Treatment Area – bacteria found in the soil is critical for the efficient treatment and recycling of wastewater.


Licensed Minnesota Septic Contractor

As a Licensed MN Septic Contractor with 20 Years of experience, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) understands the science behind Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems. We are authorized to provide Septic System Designs, Compliance Inspections, Professional Installation and Repairs in East Bethel MN and surrounding communities. Stop back to our website for Part 2 of the Basic MN Septic System Owner’s Guide.

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