Frozen Drain Field or Septic Line

Avoiding Frozen Septic System Zimmerman MNUnpredictable weather conditions all across Minnesota this winter have left residents scrambling to keep cars on the road, children entertained and Toilets Flushing properly. That’s right, during very cold temperatures a Septic System can Freeze Up causing wastewater and sewage to backup into the home. With the help of an Experienced Minnesota Septic Professional you can be proactive in Avoiding Cold Weather Septic Issues in Zimmerman and all around the Frozen Northland. All though the stakes are high, there isn’t much cost or work involved in active measures to Prevent Frozen Septic Lines or Drain Field.


Frozen Sewer Pipes | Septic Tank | Pump Lift Station | Soil Treatment Area

Depending on where you are in the state, you could be experiencing anything from a trace amount of snow cover to several of inches on the ground. Temperature fluctuations also vary widely from one area of Minnesota to another. Both of these factors can affect On-site Septic Systems. Freezing cold temps with light snow cover could potentially cause Septic Lines, Septic Tanks, Pump Station or Drainfields to Freeze and Malfunction. Even homes connected to a municipal water and sewer system can experience Frozen Pipes with no water.


Biggest Reasons for Frozen Septic Systems

  • Very cold temperatures that lasts for days or weeks.
  • Lack of real snow cover to provide natural insulation against the cold.
  • Dry soil conditions that are not conducive to sewage treatment.
  • Poor maintenance of the septic tank and soil drainfield.
  • Improper installation of onsite septic system components.
  • Wrong septic system design or location.
  • Leaky fixtures inside of the home that allows water to drip into septic lines and create an ice dam.


Don’t Let Your Septic System Freeze

Realizing that your Septic System Has Frozen can give even the hardy Minnesota a headache. The best way to avoid such a situation is to be proactive and make sure that your home is ready for whatever winter weather conditions come your way. Here are 12 Tips to Not Let Your Septic System Freeze:


  1. Proper septic system maintenance practices
  2. Pump septic tank as needed
  3. Clean or replace septic screens or filters when necessary
  4. Repair leaky plumbing fixtures
  5. Never pour grease or chemicals down the drain
  6. Use only the recommended amount of laundry and cleaning products
  7. Septic system inspections to look for overall health of system
  8. Insulate septic system sites with a foot of snow, straw or mulch
  9. have a septic contractor add foam or other forms of insulation to pipes
  10. Keep off of ground covering over septic tank and drainfield
  11. Watch out for road salt runoff near soil treatment area
  12. Run hot water through pipes by taking a shower, run dishwasher or turn on faucet to allow warm water to prevent ice build up


Experienced Minnesota Septic Professional

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides cost effective, professional services to design, install and keep septic systems functioning at top performance. As an experienced Minnesota Septic Professional Business, we have seen our share of Winter Weather Septic System Issues that could have been avoided with a little planning and effort. Proper Care and Maintenance can be a major factor in maintaining a long lasting on-site sewage treatment system.

In Zimmerman, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Affordable Septic System Solutions and Septic Inspections by calling (763) 218-4769.