Septic System Care and Maintenance

Avoid Septic System Problems St Michael MNThe average cost to properly care for an On Lot Sewage Disposal System over time is a bargain compared to payment for a city sewer system. Most Conventional Septic Systems in Minnesota are fairly cheap to own. Following Septic System Preventive Maintenance Tips from CSI Custom Septic, Inc. can give you an even higher return on your investment dollars. Our last blog post talked about the importance of being a Responsible Septic System Owner. That includes keeping an accurate recordof all septic system components, inspections, repairs and regular maintenance. Now lets take a closer look at Septic System Care & Maintenance to prevent careless septic system problems.


Invest in Healthy Sewage Disposal System

Pride in ownership can often be seen with homes, cars, boats and so on. What many people don’t notice until there is a major problem is the On Site Sewage Disposal System buried below ground. Your septic system is hard at work day and night to keep up with the demand put on most septic systems. Keeping it healthy is a Great Investment.


10 Septic System Preventive Maintenance Tips

It’s a good reminder for everyone in the household to put trash into the trashcan and recycling into the recycling bin. Do Not put waste items into the toilet or down the drain. Only organic human waste and toilet tissue should be flushed down the toilet. Anything else may interfere with the bacterial action needed to break down and decontaminate contents of the septic tank. The following list of Septic System Preventive Maintenance Tips provides more ways to keep a septic system performing as it should.

  1. Empty Out Septic Tank Solids when they reach a recommended level.


  1. Clean Septic Tank Outlet Filters to prevent blockages.


  1. Have Septic System Inspected by a Licensed Septic Inspector when specified by your local government, when buying or selling a property or when problems are suspected.


  1. Ask Your Septic Tank Pumper to examine the Septic Tank, Baffles, Manhole and Runback from the Drainfield approximately once every two years.


  1. Install Lint Filters on the washing machine outlet hose.


  1. Conserve Water by spreading out loads of laundry and washing full loads.


  1. Avoid Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaners that may kill off bacteria inside of septic tank.


  1. Limit Use of Garbage Disposal to prevent a buildup of food particles in septic tank.


  1. Install Efficient Plumbing Fixtures in the home and repair leaks.


  1. Avoid Dumping Chemicals, Grease or Cooking Fats down drains.


Licensed Septic Inspections Provider

If its time to schedule a Professional Septic Inspection, call CSI Custom Septic, Inc. Our Licensed Septic Systems Inspector is a true professional and among the best in the business. The team at CSI provides quality septic services in the North Metro and surrounding Minnesota communities. Invest in Septic Maintenance rather than expensive repairs and keep your On Site Sewage Disposal System working great.

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