Fall Septic Tank Care Advice Andover MNTop Condition Sewer System Advice

It has been another hot, humid summer in Andover, MN. Now its time to gear up for autumn and prepare for football, festivals and freezing cold Minnesota temps. As you are doing your Fall Cleanup of lawns and gardens, don’t forget about Your Septic Tank System. A septic system is one of the hardest working mechanisms on your property. The steps you take now to begin Autumn Septic Tank Care can save you big over the next several months. As an Experienced Septic System Expert, the owner of CSI Custom Septic, Inc. would like to pass on some useful advise to have a Top Condition Sewer System all year round.


Fall Sewer System Maintenance

Most Fall Sewer System Maintenance procedures can be handled by the individual home owner. However, having a Licensed Septic Professional to provide Inspections and Repairs or a quote on a Septic System Upgrade is a great way to begin Autumn Septic Tank Care.


  • Septic Inspection
    • Look for cracks or corrosion in the septic tank and drain lines
    • Secure manhole cover for safety and a water tight seal
    • Evaluate the health of the drainage field area and look for signs of drainfield failure


  • Fix Leaky Fixtures and Appliances
    • A dripping faucet, leaky running toilet, drip drip drip of a water heater or a water softener can cause a build up of water that could freeze and clog pipes with ice


  • Water Conservation
    • Your septic tank is designed to hold, treat and disperse waste water from the home – too much water can over burden the entire system
    • Your drainfield processes liquid waste from the septic tank – it relies on the soil to filter out contaminants – an overloaded drain field could result in a sewer backup
    • Spread out loads of laundry, rund dishwasher when full, take shorter showers, repair leaks, install waver-saving fixtures


  • Run Hot Water
    • Running hot water through the pipes can keep things moving along without freezing
    • Take a warm shower, do a load of laundry or wash dishes every day – especially when the weather is cold


  • Grow Grass For Insulation
    • Low maintenace, draught tollerant grass can provide good insulation for the septic tank, sewer pipes, mound system or drain field area
    • Native grasses can reduce soil errosion and provide a barrier from frigid temperatures
    • It is important to keep the septic system warm all year to prevent frozen pipes


  • Insulate Septic System Components
    • A thick layer of dried leaves, mulch or straw can insulate septic system mechanisms from the cold Minnesota climate
    • Add a layer of 8” to 12” for maximum impact
    • Snow cover can act as natural insulation


MN Septic System Expert

Enjoy another beautiful Minnesota Autumn day but don’t forget to keep your Sewer System in Top Condition every season. Falling temperatures could mean big trouble if your Septic Tank or Drainfield clogs up with ice and freezes. Your MN Septic System Expert at CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is here with Fall Septic System Maintenance Advice. Call CSI if you would like to schedule a Septic Inspection or Professional Repair Service.

In Andover MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic Inspections or Professional Repairs at 763-218-4769