Use Of Garbage Disposer Can Be Harmful

Garbage Disposal Safe for Septic System?Garbage Disposals are very common throughout Minnesota including the Coon Rapids, MN area. Some newer Onsite Septic Systems are designed with larger tanks to accommodate a garbage disposer system. The added amount of ground up food particles that go down the drain will end up inside of your Septic Tank. They can build up and Clog Septic Pipes and the Drainfield. Excessive use of the disposal will result in More Frequent Pumping and Possible Septic System Failure. This correlates with the Health and Life Expectancy of your sewage treatment system. Contact Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) if you are experiencing septic system problems after using an under-sink garbage waste disposer.


Impact Of Garbage Disposal On Septic System

When a Garbage Disposal unit is anticipated for a household, it is recommended that the Septic Tank be 50% Larger to handle the extra workload. A screening device is also recommended. The tank will most likely need to pumped out more frequently by a septic contractor.


Organic Sewage Treatment Process

Wastewater and human waste exit your home via the Septic Pipe. They enter into the underground Septic Tank to begin the Organic Sewage Treatment Process. Lighter solids such as fat, grease and ground up food particles float to the top and form the Scum Layer. Heavy solids sink to the bottom and form the Sludge Layer. Liquid remains in the middle layer making up the Effluent Layer.


Garbage Disposer Impact On Effluent Wastewater

Liquid Effluent is released from the septic tank through an outlet pipe. From there the waste water flows out to the Drain Field where it undergoes further Organic Treatment in the Soil, Gravel or Sand.


Naturally Occurring Bacteria

The Organic Sewage Treatment process relies on Naturally Occurring Bacteria in human waste and in the soil. When you use a Garbage Disposal, food is ground up and washed down the drain. It winds up contributing to the Scum Layer. Unfortunately, bacteria in the food waste can inhibit the biological treatment of the raw sewage. This can make the delicate Sewage Treatment System less effective and more likely to malfunction.


Licensed Septic Professional

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a Licensed Septic Professional with over 19 years of experience. We have witnessed first hand the impact a Garbage Disposal can have on an Onsite Septic System. Excessive use of a garbage disposer is likely to result in More Frequent Pumping and possible Septic System Failure. Septic systems rely on an Organic Sewage Treatment Process that can be disrupted by the added food particles and grease washing down the kitchen sink.

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