Cost Saving Annual Septic Inspections

Annual Check-Up East Bethel MN Septic SystemA properly Designed and Installed Septic System should last East Bethel, MN homeowners 25 years or more. The best way to avoid septic problems and expensive repairs is to keep up with a good maintenance schedule and have an Annual Septic System Check-Up. This cost saving inspection will check for any problems with the septic components that can be fixed before becoming a major problem. Property owners could otherwise end up spending thousands of dollars to repair or replace the sewage treatment system. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) has been a Licensed Septic Inspector since 1996. We have a lifetime of experience with Septic Designs, Installations and Repairs.


Septic System Maintenance

It is always smart to stay ahead of the game and practice good Septic System Maintenance procedures. Annually Inspecting the septic system components provides a comprehensive view of how the system is performing, if repairs are needed and when the septic tank should be pumped out and cleaned.


Septic Tank Pumping Guidelines

The average East Bethel, MN septic tank should be pumped out approximately every 3 years. This is based on a household of three to four persons with a one thousand gallon septic tank. There are many variables that influence how often solids will need to be pumped out by a qualified septic technician.

Septic Tank Size is based on the number of bedrooms in a home. This is a fairly accurate way to determine approximately how much wastewater will flow into the holding tank. If more people are living in the home than when the septic system was installed, the tank size may not be adequate and need to be pumped more often. The use of a Garbage Disposal often leads to an early buildup of solid waste materials.


Don’t Flush Hard Earned Money Down The Toilet

What you flush down the toilet makes a difference. If you have an Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS) you should be aware of what items are flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain. All waste water from your home ends up inside of the septic tank. Advise your family and visitors to Only Flush Organic Human Waste and Septic Safe Toilet Paper down the toilet. The ISTS is designed to work at the optimal best when it isn’t overloaded with excessive water and items not recommended for flushing down the toilet.


Annual Onsite Sewage System Check-Up

The Annual Onsite Sewage System Check Up should be conducted by a Licensed Septic Professional who knows what to look for to detect problems with the Septic Tank, Absorption Field, Pipes and Drains. The state of Minnesota licenses septic professionals through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Each MPCA Certified Septic Professional has been educated on ways to protect human health and the environment through proper sewage treatment.


MPCA Certified Septic Professional

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) is a MPCA Certified Septic Professional serving East Bethel, MN and the surrounding Minnesota communities. Our highly trained team provides Annual Septic System Check-Ups to detect problems and determine when the septic tank should be pumped out. You may save thousands of dollars on sewage system repairs or replacement by having your septic components checked out by a Licensed Septic System Inspector.

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