Polluted Well Water

Aging Septic System Effect on Elk River MN Water QualityThe state of Minnesota and the state of Michigan have lots in common. Abundance of beautiful rivers and lakes are definitely near the top of the list. Water Quality is something that residents in both states should take very seriously. With the large number of Aging Onsite Septic Systems, Water Pollution can happen easily. Communities like Elk River MN don’t want to end up like their counterparts to our east. MPCA Certified Septic Inspectors like Brad Krotzer of CSI Custom Septic, Inc. continue to educate themselves on ways to keep our Drinking Water and Recreational Waters safe. Something as simple as a Septic System Inspection can provide important answers to lower the risk for your family.


E. coli Bacteria in Rivers | Aging Septic Systems

A recent article in the Detroit Free Press identified some very real concerns about the link between Aging Septic Systems and E. coli Bacteria. A 2015 study found trace amounts of E. coli from human feces had entered all of the rivers that were tested. Unlike Minnesota, the state of Michigan does not have a statewide monitoring system for their nearly one and a half million Individual Waste Disposal Systems.


Failed or Failing Septic Systems

MN has sanitary waste health standards set by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Highly trained individuals provide necessary Septic System Inspections to identify and remedy Failed or Failing Septic Systems. This is a great way for Zimmerman, Elk River and Ramsey residents to Protect MN Water and Protect Human Lives.


Onsite Septic System Inspection

Every Onsite Septic System should have a periodic inspection to check for issues that may cause bigger problems. There are varying degrees of how much of the sewer system is inspected. A Septic Compliance Inspection is a thourough evaluation that checks to make sure that the system is up to date with current Health and Safety Regulations set forth by the MPCA. Such a test can only be handled by a Qualified Septic Professional who has been Certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


MPCA Certified Septic Inspector

Having the title of MPCA Certified Septic Inspector means that an individual has had education and training on current Safety Standards for MN Onsite Sewage Systems. CSI Custom Septic Inc. stays current on all regulations meant to protect Minnesota’s People, Environment, Animals and Water from harm from fecal contaminated waste material. CSI provides Septic System Inspections upon request. Long Term Maintenance is the easiest solution to Keep MN Water Safe!

In Elk River, Ramsey and Zimmerman MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. to schedule a Septic Inspection by calling: 763-218-4769