Septic Misconceptions Debunked

Debunked Septic System MythsWho can you believe these days with all of the competing headlines and people set in their way? Of course I’m speaking about Septic System Myths and Misconceptions. Take it from a longtime veteran of the Sewage Treatment Business, there is a lot of misinformation that needs to be debunked. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience with several types of Sewage Collection and Treatment Systems and is here it share some of that wisdom with people who have or may purchase a Minnesota property with an Onsite Septic System. Knowledge is king when it comes to Optimal Performance that is also Cost Effective and Smart.


Correcting Septic System Misinformation

  1. Septic Tank Additives
    1. MYTH: Using a septic tank additives is just as effective as having the septic tank pumped out.
  1. FACT: Human fecal waste has enzymes and bacteria that break down sewage organically inside of the tank. Septic tank additives are unnecessary and may cause an imbalance that slows down the natural treatment process.


  1. Septic Tank Pumping
    1. MYTH: There is no need to have the septic tank pumped out. It will just take care of itself.
  1. FACT: Pumping contents out of the septic tank is part of preventive maintenance that can keep the septic system operating properly for many years. Failure to pump it out every few years can lead to expensive repair costs that are higher than money spent on a pumper service.


  1. Antibacterial Products
    1. MYTH: Out of sight, out of mind. Chemicals and bacteria killing cleaners do not damage the septic system operation.
  1. FACT: A septic system relies on bacteria to naturally break down the sewer in the septic tank and soil drain field. Harsh chemicals, soaps and detergents can damage the system if not used in moderation.


  1. Sewage Responsibility
    1. MYTH: If something goes wrong with my septic tank system, the city, county or state will take care of it.
  1. FACT: When you have an onsite sewage treatment system, it is your responsibility to make sure that it works properly and is compliant with all government regulations. Septic services providers are there to assist with inspections, repairs and some maintenance that will keep the septic tank and entire system healthy.


  1. Building Over Septic System
    1. MYTH: It is okay to build a shed or other structure on top of the septic tank or drainfield as long as it can be moved.
  1. FACT: Having anything that compacts the soil in the drainfield or prevents access to the septic tank can cause problems and result in septic system problems.


  1. Septic Maintenance
    1. MYTH: As long as the toilet flushes and drains work there is no need worry about care of the septic system.
  1. FACT: Regular septic system maintenance can extend the lifespan of the septic system. Septic inspections are a good way to detect minor issues before they become a larger, more costly problem.


Minnesota Septic Services Experts

If you own a septic system or are considering purchasing a home with its own Individual Sewage System, don’t worry, help is just a phone call away. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. provides affordable septic services that are a cost effective way to dispose of sewage and wastewater. As Septic System Experts, we can help you to cut through the myths and understand the facts.

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