SepticSmart Week MN Proclamation September 17 – 21, 2018

SepticSmart Week 2018 Minnesota Pt 1The State of Minnesota is joining the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and local MN Septic Professionals in observing SepticSmart Week from September 17th to 21st, 2018. This week is set aside each year to recognize the importance of Proper Septic System Care and Maintenance. As a Licensed Septic Professional, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. likes to use this time to help our customers to have a better understanding of the miniature sewer facility working hard in your back yard. Learn to be Septic Smart all year and you can save money, protect the environment and help to protect public health.


MN Septic System Info

Did you know that Minnesota has over 530,000 Septic Systems? Each provides a vital function for protecting the human population in the state as well as the animal population, farm crops, lakes, rivers and drinking water. The MPCA is in charge of certifying Septic Professionals that can be trained in various areas of septic services. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has be certified and licensed for Septic Design, Septic Installation, Septic Compliance Inspection and Septic Repair.


How You Can Be a Good Septic Owner

Being a Smart Septic System Owner begins with a little understanding of ways that you can keep your septic tank and system healthy.


  1. Schedule a Septic Inspection every three years with Custom Septic


  1. Have Septic Tank Pumped Out as needed (3 to 5 years?)


  1. Repair Plumbing Leaks and use efficient fixtures when possible


  1. No Flushing Non-Degradable Items down the toilet – no flushable wipes, tampons, kitty litter, cigarette butts, dental floss, condoms, etc.


  1. Limit Use of Harsh Chemicals, anti-bacteria products and detergents – choose biodegradable, low phosphate or phosphate free soaps


  1. Grow and Maintain Grass or Vegetation over septic tank and drainfield


  1. Keep Tree Roots Away from all septic system components


  1. Minimize Use of Garbage Disposal


  1. Keep Vehicles Away from soil treatment area, septic pipe and tanks


  1. Cold Weather Insulation for soil drain field, inspection pipe and septic tank – have septic professional insulate vulnerable areas or add a deep layer of dry leaves, straw, mulch or snow cover for insulation


Septic Smart Licensed MN Septic Professional

CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is proud to partner with the State of Minnesota, US EPA, MPCA and others to keep MN septic systems healthy and functioning at optimal efficiency. With more than half a million Individual Septic Systems working around the state, its important that we all do our part to Protect Citizens, Animals, Water Ways and our way of life here in Minnesota. SepticSmart Week 2018 on Sept. 17 – 21.

Contact CSI Custom Septic Inc. at: 763-218-4769 for Septic Inspections, Designs, Repairs, Professional Installations and Septic System FAQs.