MN Septic System Info

Septic System Info Anoka MNYou have the third blog post in a three part series on MN Septic Systems Frequenty Asked Questions by Elk River, Ramsey and Anoka MN property owners. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. is taking this opportunity to share valuable information on the following topics:

  • Why Treat Sewage?
  • Is Septic Maintenance Important?
  • Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Personal Sewer System?
  • Is A Septic Inspection Required Before Property Transfer?
  • Who Can Do Septic Compliance Inspections?


  1. Importance Of Adequate Sewage Treatment?

Answer: The term Sewage includes all of the wastewater from things like bathing, cleaning, cooking, toileting and laundry. Contact with sewage contaminated water can lead to disease or possible death in humans. Animals and the environment are also at risk if sewage waste is not decontaminated through regulated sewage treatment practices.

Three Good Reasons For Sewage Treatment:

  1. Public Health Reasons
  2. Environmental Reasons
  3. Property Value Reasons


  1. Why Is Septic System Maintenance Important?

Answer: One of the best ways to keep your Personal Sewer System operating at the very best is through Septic System Maintenance. Keeping up on regular maintenance practices can increase the longevity of the system and decrease the likelihood of premature failure.


  1. Private Sewer System Maintenance Tips?

Answer: The following Septic System Care & Maintenance Tips can be very cost effective and easy to do. Check out our Septic Maintenance Page for more ideas.

  • Keep bacteria killing chemicals at a minimum
  • Organic human waste and toilet paper should be the only to solid substances allowed in the toilet
  • Do Not overload the septic tank with a lot of water in one day
  • Have septic system inspected regularly and pumped out when needed
  • Minimize use of garbage disposal
  • Install efficient water saving fixtures in bathroom


  1. Is A Septic Compliance Inspection Needed Before Selling My House?

Answer: It depends on your county, city and mortgage lender. For example, the City of Ramsey requires existing septic systems be inspected by an MPCA Certified Septic Inspector prior to the sale or transfer of property. Anoka County does not mandate that a Septic Compliance Inspection be done in order to sell a property but many home lenders do have this requirement.


  1. Who Can Perform Septic Compliance Inspections?

Answer: Septic Compliance Inspections are performed by individuals who are MPCA Certified as a MN Licensed Septic Inspector. For your convenience, CSI Custom Septic, Inc. has a certified septic inspector on site to perform septic compliance inspections all year long.


MN State Licensed Septic Inspector

When it comes to Safe and Effective Sewage Treatment, make sure that you are dealing with a State Licensed Septic Inspector. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. with offices close to the Elk River/Ramsey/Anoka MN communities, provides Septic Compliance Inspections for both New and Existing Septic Systems.

In Anoka, Ramsey and Elk River MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. for Septic Compliance Inspections call (763) 218-4769. For smart Septic Maintenance Tips follow this link. MN Septic FAQs Part One and MN Septic FAQs Part Two.