Simple Sewer System Care & Maintenance

10 Sewer System Maintenance Tips Wadena MNProper Septic System Care & Maintenance isn’t exactly rocket science but it is science none the less. You can do some simple, inexpensive things to help keep your sewer relatively problem free for decades. Couple that with several things that you are well advised Not to do and you have a good recipe for Simple Septic Tank & Leach Field Care and Maintenance. The first step is finding a Qualified MN Septic Professional to Design and Install the best Miniature Sewage Treatment Facility in your own back yard. Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) is certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as an expert on most things involving Wadena MN Sewer Systems.


10 Septic System Maintenance Recommendations

These days it seems to be difficult to find two people that completely agree on just about anything. Avoiding a Sewer Back Up is probably something that all homeowners can fully agree on. If you follow these Simple Septic Tank and Leach Field Care & Maintenance Tips:

  1. Ask a MN Septic System Specialist to do an Annual or Bi-annual Checkup to see if everything looks to be in good working order.
  1. Schedule a Septic Tank Cleaning when the level of solids builds up to a level that they need to be pumped out.
  1. Don’t Overload the septic system with more water than it is able to process at a time. Try spreading out Loads of Laundry all through the week rather than running multiple washer loads back to back.
  1. Wait at least 15 Minutes Between Showers each day. This is a good way to keep from overwhelming the system with too much water.
  1. Install a Washing Machine Lint Filter to catch clothing fibers before they build up inside of the tank. Synthetic fibers and other materials do not decompose with the help of bacteria living in the septic tank.
  1. Keep use of Garbage Disposal at a minimum and you can increase the time between septic tank pump outs.
  1. Watch out for Chemicals that Kill Bacteria. Only use the recommended amount detergents, drain cleaners, bleach and kitchen and bath cleaning products.
  1. Never use your Toilet or Drain to dispose of anything that won’t decompose in an ordinary septic system. Examples: grease, cooking fat, coffee grounds, paper towels, cigarette butts, condom, tampons, sanitary pads, diaper, dental floss, facial tissue, baby wipes or “flushable” wipes.
  1. Never Park, Drive or Build over the top of septic system components.
  1. Grow Adequate Ground Cover to naturally insulate and protect the septic tank, mound system and leach field. However, Don’t Plant Trees or shrubs that could grow roots into the sewer line. And, Don’t Plant a Vegetable Garden that may absorb some of the hazardous microorganisms from sewage waste.


MPCA Certified Septic System Expert

Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) has seen and fixed just about any septic system issue that you could imagine. Many times these problems can be avoided by following the Ten Recommended Steps to Septic System Care & Maintenance. The owner of CSI is MPCA Certified for Septic System Design, Installation, Repairs and Inspections.

In Wadena MN, call Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) at 763-218-4769. Over 20 Years of Sewer System Excellence.