Preventing Septic System Failure

10 Onsite Septic Maintenance Tips Buffalo MNRegular Septic System Maintenance is as important as regular oil changes for your car. You wouldn’t expect your automobile to function at its best if you neglect to provide basic care. An On Site Sewer System can be just as expensive to replace as a used car. Listen to the MN Sewer System Experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) and follow some inexpensive Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Septic System. Something as simple and routine as installing a Washing Machine Lint Filter, Regular Septic Tank Pumping and following the Do’s & Don’ts of Flushing can pay off big by Preventing Septic System Failure at your Buffalo MN home.


10 Septic System Maintenance Tips

A little effort and common sense can go a long way with Preventing a Sewer System Failure on your property. The risk of ending up with raw sewage backing up into your home or an expensive repair job should be enough to get people’s attention. Regular Maintenance along with minor repairs along the way can add up to big savings in the not so distant future.

Septic System Maintenance Tips from Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI):

  1. Have the Septic System Checked Out by a Licensed Contractor annually or at least every three years. Your septic system checkup will help to determine when to have the tank pumped and cleaned.
  1. Contract with a sanitary sewage pumping truck company to have the Septic Tank Pumped out as needed.
  1. Follow the Toilet Flushing Do’s and Don’ts of what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. A very simple and basic rule to follow is to Only Flush Poop, Pee, Toilet Paper and Water down your toilet.
  1. Spread out Laundry Loads throughout the week to avoid overloading the septic tank and drain field with large amounts of water.
  1. Attach a Washing Machine Lint Filter to the outlet hose to prevent clothing fibers from draining into the septic system.
  1. Limit the usage of Bacteria Killing Household Cleaning Chemicals. Choose natural cleaning products that are less likely to disrupt the biological treatment process inside of the septic tank.
  1. Never pour Hazardous Chemicals into drains or down the toilet. The list of Do Not Pour includes items such as grease, oil (cooking & auto), fat, paint, solvents, pesticides, gasoline, etc.
  1. Limit the use of Garbage Disposals that can add large amounts of food waste to the septic tank and result in more frequent pumping out.
  1. Don’t put anything heavy on top of a Septic Tank or Leach Field (drainfield). This includes Never Parking or Driving a Car over the septic system components.
  1. Don’t Plant Trees, Shrubs or Gardens on top of the soil treatment area, mound system or drain field.


Licensed MN Sewer Contractor

As Licensed MN Sanitary Sewer Contractors, Custom Septic Inc. (CSI) understands the importance of Regular Sewer System Maintenance. A healthy septic system can last for twenty, thirty or even forty years without a major malfunction. Just follow our 10 Septic Care & Maintenance Tips for preventing damage or a complete sewer system failure.

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