Enhance Mound System Performance & Longevity

10 Mound System Tips Buffalo MNIf you want your car to perform at the optimal best you probably are willing to take the time to change the oil and repair anything that is wrong. Well, if you have a Backyard Mound System as your sewer service then the same rules apply. Some Care and Maintenance Procedures can pay off in a big way as well. MN Septic Contractors like CSI Custom Septic, Inc. are here to assist with Septic Inspections and Repairs to Enhance Mound System Performance and Longevity. The choice is yours, but it really doesn’t require a lot of time or energy to make sure your Septic Mound is in good shape and able to do its job effectively.


Mound System Inspection

A periodic Septic Inspection may be required to ensure that the Septic Mound is in good working order and compliant with all current regulations. Issues can often be spotted during a comprehensive Mound System Inspection. Some Septic Services are performed by a Licensed MN Septic Company, such as repairing or replacing broken or poor performing elements.

Your MN Septic Contractor may inspect parts of the Mound System including:

  • Septic Tank or Tanks
  • Electrical Pumps and Switches
  • Floats
  • Dosing Chamber
  • Calibration of electrical components


10 Tips To Keep Septic Mound In Good Shape

Let’s face it, Replacing a Mound System can be expensive. For most Buffalo home owners, anything that he or she can do to keep the Septic Mound and all if its essential parts in good working order is probably worth the effort. The good news is that most of these Septic System Maintenance Tips are very Easy and Affordable.

  1. Annually Inspect the Septic System Components to spot any issues that need further attention.
  1. Use a PVC Inspection Pipe to view contents of septic tank without opening up the manhole cover.
  1. Maintain a regular Septic Tank Pumping Schedule.
  1. Install a High Water Alarm System.
  1. Avoid clogging up septic tank or slowing the natural sewage treatment process by watching what you send down the drain. No Grease, Cooking Oils, Antibacterial Soaps or Cleaners, Chemicals, Excess Food Waste (limit garbage disposal usage).
  1. Put trash in the trashcan, Never in the Toilet. That goes for the following list of Never Flush Items: dental floss, cigarette butts, tampons, baby wipes, “flushable” wipes, facial tissues, condoms, coffee grounds, medications, diapers, etc.
  1. Plant Low Maintenance Grass, Flowers or other vegetation over the raised septic mound and drainage field. However, remember to stay off of it as much as possible to avoid compacting the soil or cracking sewer lines.
  1. Reduce Amount of Water used in one day by spreading out loads of laundry, repairing leaky faucets, installing efficient toilets and shower fixtures, limit long showers during times of heavy rain or flooding.
  1. Washing machine Lint Filters help to keep clothing fibers from collecting inside of septic tank.
  1. Keep a Maintenance Log that includes septic tank pumping schedule, repairs, inspections, name of septic service provider, and location of all septic system components.


Licensed MN Septic Company

Choose a Reputable Septic Services Company that is Licensed by the state of Minnesota. That Raised Septic Mound in your back yard is a hard working and necessary investment. CSI Custom Septic, Inc. wants to make sure that Buffalo MN property owners understand their role in Keeping Mound Systems in Good Working Order for as long as possible. This is why we provide Mound System Maintenance Tips to Enhance Performance and Longevity.

In Buffalo MN, contact CSI Custom Septic, Inc. at: (763) 218-4769 for Mound System Design, Installation or Replacement.