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Septic System vs Sewer System | Corcoran MN

Does Your Home Have City Sewer or Private Septic?

Septic System or Sewer System Corcoran MNEvery home in Minnesota is required to safely treat Sewage Waste that is generated from their home or cabin. If you are a Septic System Owner then by law, you are responsible for making sure that it is operating properly and is up to code. Septic System Experts at Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) can assist with the Design, Installation, Inspection and Repair of Onsite Septic Systems, including septic tanks and drain fields. Your local Corcoran MN city is responsible for sewage collection and treatment if you have a City Sewer System.

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Septic Tank System Biomat Becker MN

What is Septic System Biomat?

Septic System Biomat Slime Becker MNHave you noticed a Slimy buildup of Smelly, Black material around the Drainfield area of your Becker MN sewage system? A Biomat Layer is made up of partially decomposed organic materials that could very well prevent adequate Decomposing of Sewage Waste. As a highly trained and experienced Minnesota Septic Professional, Custom Septic, Inc. (CSI) understands the scientific implications

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Are Antibacterial Soaps Bad for Septic Systems? Andover MN

Anti-Bacterial Soap & Cleaning Products

Are Antibacterial Products Bad for Septic Systems? Andover MNThe majority of Andover MN households use some sort of Anti-Bacterial Products for cleaning. Hand Soaps and Disinfecting Wipes are two of the most common varieties. They can do a great job of removing bacteria and other microorganisms from your body, countertops and other surfaces. The problem is that they can do too good of a job of Killing Essential Bacteria

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Bacteria Role in Sewage Treatment East Bethel MN

Bacterial Sewage Treatment Process

Bacteria in Biological Sewage Treatment Process East Bethel MNThe process of breaking down and Decomposing Sewage Waste is largely completed by Bacteria and other Mircro-organisms. A typical East Bethel MN Septic System includes an underground septic tank that is teaming with millions Microscopic Organisms and Beneficial Bacteria. Both Aerobic Bacteria and Anaerobic Bacteria are needed to complete the decomposition of fecal matter and liquid waste water.

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Biological Sewage Treatment System Andover MN

Natural Bacteria in Sewage Treatment Process

Biological Sewage Treatment Andover MN


Naturally Occurring Bacteria plays a significant role in the treatment of Raw Sewage. Human Waste contains needed bacteria that begins the Organic Treatment Process inside of the Septic Tank. More efficient aerobic bacteria in soil furthers the wastewater treatment process in an Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS). Conventional soil based septic systems are common in Andover, MN and surrounding Minnesota communities. A Licensed Septic System Contractor at Custom Septic, Inc. can provide you with Soil Boring and other tests to evaluate your property and determine which type of septic system will ensure maximum treatment of wastewater.

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