Septic Fail SignsMost of the time, septic system issues are extremely expensive to repair. However, you may be able to save a ton of money if you spot the problems as soon as possible. There are various signs to look out for to help keep your septic system in the best shape possible.

Some Common Septic System Failure Signs:

Sewage Backing up into the House

Typically when a septic system fails, the drainfield is not working properly. When a septic tank overflows, the effluent can travel to the drainfield, clogging up the pipes. This causes sinks and toilets to back up in the house.

Sewage Surfacing in the Yard

Sewage reaching up to the surface is a common sign your septic tank is in need of repair. If it gets bad it will look like your yard has turned into a pond or swamp.

Slow water drainage

Slow drainage in sinks, slow flushing or no flushing is one of the first signs of septic system problems. The fixtures will drain really slowly, especially after it has rained. The drains will still drain very slowly even if you use drain-clearing products or a plunger.


Another common sign of septic system failure is a foul odor. You will smell odors everywhere in your home. This odor is typically caused by a plumbing system that is not being vented correctly. A horrible smell can also be a sign that another part of the septic system is failing.

Other warning signs of septic failure include:

  • Your septic system not passing a safe drinking water well test
  • Septic system freezing up
  • Health issues and disorders from drinking unclean water
  • Septic system alarm has sounded
  • Aquatic weeds may grow if you live near a lake or pond
  • Green grass over your drainage field

Septic system failure can be very expensive, so it is important to get annual checkups. Septic system inspections are crucial in order to maintain your septic system and avoid needing repairs or replacements.

If your septic system is experiencing one or more of these warning signs, call CSI at 763-218-4769 today.