Your septic system is a necessity but you may not think of it as beautiful. A great option is to landscape your septic sewage system for a custom and beautiful look. There are many communities across Minnesota where a mound system is quite common. We will cover some Do’s and Don’ts associated with landscaping a septic mound.


Proper landscaping not only adds beauty but helps to maintain the function of your mound system. Native low maintenance grasses and perennials are a great choice. You will want to choose plants that can tolerate dry conditions. Avoid irrigation and fertilization on a mound. The less traffic on your septic system the better, so no weeding please.
Do’s for Custom Beautification of Septic Mounds in Minnesota:

• Always wear gloves.Don’ts for Landscaping Mound Septic Systems in Minnesota:

• Do Not till when planting.
• No trees and shrubs on the mound.
• No edible plants such as vegetables and herbs on mound or drain field.
• No irrigation.
• Don’t terrace – may cause erosion.
• Don’t drive a car or other vehicle across the mound or build a structure.
• Never allow children or pets to play on septic mounds.

• Topsoil between 6” to 16” deep.
• Establish a cover as soon as possible.
• Use low maintenance native grasses and plants that can withstand dry conditions.
• Make it pleasing to the eye.
• Mow grasses 2 to 3 times per year.
• Maintain snow cover or cover with straw to prevent freezing during our cold Minnesota winters.